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How to mention other users in your twitter tweets? Step by step guide

Mentions are a great conversation starter . It is currently one of the preferred functions for people who use platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Through these links, these sites are transformed into true networks.

However, Twitter is one of the social networks with the greatest interaction between users. One of the reasons for this is the ease of tagging other users and the use of hashtags . It should be noted that both methods were born in this microblogging .

If you want to learn how to use mentions on Twitter, the best thing you can do is read the post that we will present below.

Can I only tag the users I follow on Twitter in my tweets?

One of the differences with other platforms is precisely this. Within a tweet, you can tag any user . As long as it meets these two requirements: It is an active user and has not blocked you . This process is called “mention” and can be done in two ways. The first is done automatically when replying to a tweet.

Pressing the corresponding button opens a window that already contains the user’s name. The second is executed manually, as we will see later. In addition to this, it is a good opportunity to mention that Twitter also allows users to be tagged in photographs, in the best Facebook style . To do this, just upload a photo or use the “camera” tool (mobile version only) that appears below the text box.

Learn step by step how to mention other Twitter users in your Tweets

As it is one of the main actions of the platform, it is very easy to perform . For this you only need two things: Be registered on the site and know the username of the other account.

From there you must follow the steps that we will show you below:

From the phone

  • Enter the Twitter app .
  • On the main page, press the blue button that appears in the lower right corner. It is circular and contains a “+” sign followed by a drawing of a pen.
  • This will direct you to write a new Tweet . You can start with the mention or insert it anywhere. Keep in mind that you only have 240 characters available, including those that make up the label.
  • Enter the “@” sign (it may appear on your phone’s symbol keyboard), then, without spaces, write the name of the user you want to mention. Twitter will show you a list of the results as you enter the letters.
  • To finish press “Tweet” .
  • The system will send a notification to the profile you just mentioned.

From the computer

  • In your browser, go to” .
  • Login with your account information .
  • In the top section, click on “What’s going on?” .
  • Write the content of the tweet or if you want you can start with the mention, placing the sign “@” and then the name of the other user. As in the mobile phone version, a list of recommended will appear .
  • In some systems the at sign is placed with the combination “Alt Gr + 2”, “Alt Gr + Q” or “Alt + 64” .
  • When you finish writing, click on “Tweet” .

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