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How to make videos to upload to youtube and grow my channel? Step by step guide

The popularity of YouTube has led many people around the world to create their channels and share videos with the community that lives there. Even today there are “ youtubers schools ” in which future youtubers are taught tools to grow on the platform.

In this sense, here the information is shared through videos, so it is necessary to know how they should be created to start publishing them . Therefore, we will talk to you in depth about How to make videos to upload to YouTube and grow your channel.

Without a doubt, these are important topics that will allow you to reach a much wider audience and effectively, such as copyrights, the most interesting types of videos, how you can create them and some editing tools.

Copyright on YouTube What do I need to know to avoid penalties for my videos?

The copyright within any platform is something very delicate, because it is directly linked to legal regulations. Therefore, it is essential to know everything about it. First of all, it must be clarified what this term refers to. In simple words, it is, as its name indicates, the right that the creator has over his work . That is, when a person creates an original work which is captured in a physical medium, it automatically becomes the owner of the rights to the work.

Consequently, he is the only person authorized to use the material. Therefore, any other user who wishes to use a copyrighted work must have the proper authorization or permissions to do so. For its part, there are a number of exceptions to the rule, as well as certain related conditions that must be clarified.

Let’s see:

Works subject to copyright

According to the legal framework, for a work to be subject to protection against copyright infringement, it has to be creative and be captured through a tangible medium . This means that neither names nor titles in themselves are subject to this type of regulation.

Some content that does have copyright are:

  • Audiovisual works: includes TV shows, online videos and movies.
  • Written works: articles, books, conferences and musical compositions.
  • Video games .
  • Computer software .
  • Visual works: advertisements, posters and paintings.
  • Musical compositions and sound recordings .
  • Dramatic works: such as musicals or plays.

Ability to use a copyrighted work without violating them

The fact that a work has copyright protection does not mean that it cannot be used. The important thing in these cases is that you have permission to use other people’s content or through a legal doctrine known as fair use .

Let’s see:

  • Permissions to use the content: refers to the request that you make to the author to be able to include their works in your videos. This procedure should be carried out on your own or with the help of a lawyer. If you want to know more, go to the link “” .
  • Fair use: with this you can reuse protected material in certain circumstances without having the permission of the owner. Each country has regulations related to the subject, so if you want to learn more about it, check the link “” .

Public domain works

Works lose copyright protection over time, causing them to become “public domain” content . For this to happen, many years must pass. The positive thing about this type of works is that they can be used for free, that is, they are available to all users.

Regarding the protection period of a work, it varies according to factors such as:

  • Place and date the work was published.
  • If it is a commissioned work .

It is the user’s responsibility to check whether a certain work is in the public domain or not before uploading it to YouTube. Keep in mind that there is no specific list where are written which works have this domain and which do not. Therefore, there are very useful platforms for this research. For example, the Libraries of Columbia University or the Copyright Information Center of Cornell University .

Types of videos that attract the most attention on YouTube What are the most profitable content?

Another point to consider when you decide to start posting videos on YouTube is what type of videos attract the most attention from viewers . It is a totally valid question that you must study to know exactly what materials you are going to share within the platform. Many times you can even mix different types of content within your channel .

Take note of some video suggestions that can be very effective in attracting new subscribers:


In the world of online marketing, “evergreen” content is understood to be anyone whose relevance lasts over time . This means that it always adds value to the user and, therefore, does not have an expiration date. They are very effective because there will always be people who need to have information of this type at hand.

Some examples of evergreen content are:

  • Interviews
  • Infographics.
  • Definitions and concepts.
  • Recipes.
  • Tutorials
  • Educational videos.

It should be noted that all these types of materials can be captured in a video, which will always be useful for viewers because they remain current over time. Take advantage of them and boost your YouTube channel .


Video games have become part of the entertainment activities of many users, so creating audiovisual content for gameplays is an excellent idea for a YouTube channel. For example, you can post videos of a game or even show shortcuts, tips and other important information to advance to a level.

Vlogs (Video Blogs)

This is another type of video format that always attracts the attention of the followers. Many enjoy seeing the day to day of others, as well as learning about travel experiences, special occasions, etc. Vlogs are the perfect window to connect with your followers and show them your experiences, thoughts, opinions regarding a theme, lifestyle, and much more. For this it is necessary that you have the necessary equipment such as a video camera, microphone, or other elements.


The tutorials are very effective to grow your channel quickly, because they show people the step by step of how to execute some type of activity . They are within the “evergreen” content classification , because they will always be useful. Focus on the topic you want to touch on your channel and create tutorials on it. For example, if you have a technology channel, you can make video tutorials on how to install a program.


With informative content, we refer to all those that involve news from different fields . Although they become outdated over time, they can be a good idea to grow your channel.

Users are always looking for news and information regarding current issues in different areas such as beauty, politics, sports, technology, etc. The important thing here is that you focus on making informative videos when they are relevant . That is, if you are currently talking about a new trend, you should make a video about it at the moment. Do not expect it to go out of style because the content will lose relevance.

Reviews (2)

The YouTube channels focused on making reviews also tend to have great popularity, because any user before deciding to buy a product on the Internet prefer to investigate to know what it’s like running it. In this way, you can review many types of products. Find the area that you like the most and focus on writing reviews about it.

Learn step by step how to create videos for YouTube from your mobile or computer

You don’t need to be an editing expert to start posting videos on YouTube . Even today there are many simple tools that inexperienced users can get started with. In case you already know about editing, you will also find more advanced programs.

Whatever the case, we will explain the step by step of how to create videos for this platform both from your mobile and from your computer:

From the phone

There are some users who want to start in the world of YouTube but do not have the tools that are generally used to create videos, such as a camera, microphone, lights and a computer to edit. However, today it is possible to create videos for YouTube from your mobile, as there is a wide range of applications focused on that. We will give you a simple guide on how to do it with the help of Adobe Premiere Rush, on iOS devices . It should be noted that the step by step in Android is very similar.

To carry out the edition, apply the steps below:

  • Install Premiere Rush on your device.
  • Sign in with your Adobe ID, Facebook, or Google account .
  • Tap on the + icon at the bottom of the screen to create a new project.
  • Click on Add media to place the videos or images that you already have saved. In case you don’t have them, select Record video or take a photo.
  • When you’ve selected everything you need, including photos, videos, and music clips, type in the name of your project and click Create .
  • Your content will be added to the workspace, where there are several options to start editing. There you will find buttons like:
  • Home – Shaped like a house, takes you to the home screen.
  • Add multimedia content: here you can add new content to the project.
  • Project Resources: The contents recently used in your project are displayed.
  • Track control: here you can organize your clips.
  • Orientation: used to give horizontal, vertical or square orientation for your video.
  • Assessment: assess your experience.
  • Export: save the project on your device or export it.
  • Undo: remove a recent change you have made. If you hold down that button, you have the option to Undo or Redo.
  • Adjust the duration of any of the clips you want on the timeline. Click on the clip and with the help of the orange lines move them either from the starting or ending point to trim it.
  • You can also split it by dragging the playhead to where you want the split to take place. Then swipe right on the bottom toolbar. Tap on the Scissors icon to divide.
  • To add text, move the playhead to the area where you will write it. Click the blue + button and select Title . Choose the text style that you like the most.
  • Edit the title by double-clicking the text in the preview monitor.
  • To modify the style of the title, you have to press Layer in the bottom bar and you can change size, font, color fill, etc.
  • You can add transitions by selecting the clip you want on the timeline, then hitting the Transitions icon and selecting the style.
  • In case of adjusting colors or placing a color filter on the video, you have to select the clip and click on the Color icon to modify it.
  • In the Speed icon , you can adjust the speed of your clips in case you want to speed up or slow down a part of it.
  • To add and edit the audio, tap + and then go to Media / Audio . Choose the audio clip and hit Add .
  • Once you have the results you wanted, it’s time to export . To do this, tap on the Export icon located at the top of the screen with an up arrow shape.

Despite not being one of the simplest editors, you just have to learn to relate to it and you can have simple or professional videos to share on YouTube. For more information on the step by step, check out their website. There are detailed instructions for the procedure. On the other hand, if you want to try other apps, we recommend Magisto, InShot, KineMaster, FilmoraGo, etc.

From the computer

The video editing via computer is more comfortable than by mobile. In these cases to make content for YouTube, one of the most recommended tools is Filmora Wondershare . Its installation is very fast and the program can be installed on Windows and Mac.

The step by step to edit a video here is as follows:

  • Install the program on your computer.
  • On the home screen set the aspect ratio of your project. We recommend that you use the Widescreen 16: 9 . It is ideal for YouTube videos.
  • Then selected from: full – function mode, Easy Mode, Mode Instant Cutter (Cutter Precision) or Action Cam (Camera Action) .
  • Once you hit your work mode, you will be directed to the video editor . In there it is time to import the files in the Import button . Select the content you want and click Import .
  • The content will be added to the Media tab of Filmora .
  • Drag them to the timeline and start organizing them however you want.
  • If you want to trim them, select the clip and adjust it as you like. Then select the Scissors icon .
  • Add music, text, transitions, and more by selecting the options above the timeline.
  • To put visual effects or filters, select Filters . You will find a library with many free options.
  • That way you can modify each aspect of the video until it is the way you want it.
  • The last step is to export the content in the Export button . Within this section you can choose the export format, as well as the resolution.

Filmora really is a friendly and safe program with which you can create creative and original videos . Plus, it includes a library of royalty-free songs and resources to embed in your video. Go ahead and experiment with it! .

Download Filmora Wondershare Windows

Download Filmora Wondershare MacOS


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