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How to make money on Facebook: effective methods to monetize on this social network

Earning money on Facebook is one of the main advantages offered by this platform. That is why many entrepreneurs or recognized brands are committed to monetization within the most popular social network in the world. Now, what are the options that exist to generate income on this page? The following text explains one by one the different strategies that you can apply to achieve this.

In this sense, you have many alternatives at your disposal to monetize or earn money on Facebook. These include advertising your own products or allied brands, creating viral videos, creating subscription groups, and even selling your own Fanpage. It is worth mentioning that, before using any of these methods, you need to meet a series of requirements, which are described below.

Aspects to consider

To get money on Facebook using strategies like Facebook Ads, viral videos or the sale of positioned Fanpage, you need to consider certain requirements. Such as: The existence of a page within the platform, since it cannot be monetized from a personal profile, you must have a number equal to or greater than 10,000 organic and well-defined followers.

In addition, it is important to have a good scope, which allows determining the performance or profitability of the Fanpage on Facebook. In the same way, frequent interaction or activity on the page plays a fundamental role in this type of case.

Now, in addition to everything mentioned before, there is a list of requirements that you must evaluate before considering starting to generate income in this social network. Among which are:

  • Comply with Facebook policies : As you know, Facebook has become very strict with its use and privacy policies. Therefore, it is recommended that you be aware of each of the regulations established by the platform, to avoid being penalized or suspended during monetization. For this you have three types of conditions: Groups, events and pages, which you can read by followingthis link.
  • Comply with the corresponding payments: In order to enjoy the benefits that are immersed in monetization, you must pay when necessary. To find out how billing regulations are enforced, you can doclick here.
  • Avoid content fraud: The copyright against copying or illegal use of songs, videos or images, is something that Facebook protects at all costs. That is why it is not allowed to monetize any type of file whose authenticity is not verified, running the risk of being penalized and all possibility of monetization suspended.
  • Comply with the monetization rules: In addition to all the rules and policies mentioned so far, Facebook has its own section of rules for monetization. Which you can read through thefollowing link. These establish specific restrictions regarding the activity in question and the type of format in which the content is presented, within the platform.
  • Live in a country supported by Facebook: Your country must be supported by Facebook before generating any income from your Fanpage. Now, at this point you should bear in mind that if you migrate to an unsupported country or network policies change with respect to your location, you could lose all monetization options.
  • You can only monetize in the allowed sections: Until now, Facebook only supports monetization in groups, pages and events, within its platform.
  • Comply with the community rules: Any incitement to hatred, violence or the publication of sexual content, could make Facebook consider that you do not meet the requirements to monetize and eliminate this option from your possibilities.
  • Active political officials cannot monetize: Facebook considers that political leaders who are subject to a code of ethics cannot have access to monetization within its platform. It is worth mentioning that there are some exceptions at this point, depending on the country of residence.
  • Only brands or entities approved by Facebook are allowed: If any of the entities allied to monetize is penalized by the platform, for violating the policies, you could lose all possibility of making money from your Facebook page.
  • You must have a solid presence on the web: In order to earn money with your Fanpage on Facebook, you must have at least 90 days of consolidated existence within the platform. In addition, you need a minimum of followers within the network to access certain monetization features, such as instream ads.
  • Only monetization for authentic interactions is allowed: This platform only supports monetization for real interactions, made by a natural and authentic audience. In the event that false actions are detected, including “Like”, “Follow” or reproductions, any possibility of monetization will be eliminated.

Having and fulfilling each of these requirements, applying the necessary strategies will be a very simple task.

How to know if you can monetize

Before learning about the different ways to make money on Facebook, it is important to clarify that not everyone can monetize. Well, many times the geographical location or country of residence does not support this type of advantages or the page from which you want to start monetization, does not meet the requirements demanded by the platform.

In this sense, the first thing you should do is determine if your Fanpage is suitable and, above all, if your country is allowed to use these types of resources. To do this you must go toFacebook Creator Studio and click on the ” Monetization ” section located on the left side menu. Once inside, you will be able to see all your pages (in case you have more than one) and verify the information in question.

In case it meets the requirements demanded by Facebook, you will see a green indicator with the phrase “It meets the requirements. In the same way, if the country you are in supports monetization from the social network, you will not see any observation or message related to this topic.

Now, if the opposite turns out and your location is not supported for monetization, you will see a small yellow icon next to a short description, similar to “Your country is not supported at this time. You can submit the request anyway, but the review will be delayed. ” Knowing this information, you can advance to the next stage and learn about the tools to make money on Facebook.

Strategies to monetize on Facebook

The techniques or methods that you can use to generate income on Facebook can be several. These include the implementation of ads on the platform, the publication of viral content and commercial alliances. Learn about each one below.

Including instream ads

The use of instream ads selected videos is an excellent way of generating income passively on Facebook. Now, to be able to apply to this tool you must have at least 10,000 followers on your Fanpage and a minimum of 30,000 reproductions that last 1 minute, in videos that last 3 minutes.

Fulfilling these couple of requirements, setting up this type of monetization from Creator Studio or Ads Manager will be a breeze. It should be noted that instream ads are precisely that, ads that you include in your videos for advertising purposes to generate money. Which are transmitted before or during. Something very similar to what you see in the free version of YouTube while you play content.

To create them you can use videos from 5 seconds to 10 minutes. On the other hand, instream ads can appear in different locations, including during live streams from partners, with the exception of spiritual or government accounts.

Using Facebook Ads

This is probably the best known monetization strategy on Facebook. It consists of publishing ads, based on a campaign objective, directed to a specific audience in order to increase sales or the number of followers of the page. It can be run from the ad manager of the popular social network and is a relatively simple task.

However, if you do not have the necessary knowledge, it is recommended to ask for help from an expert in the area. When done correctly, the benefits or advantages in the medium and long term could be very many. It should be clarified that there are different campaign objectives, among which the following stand out: video playback, reach, brand recognition, app installation, traffic, etc.

Keep in mind that this is a powerful tool that must be used with care. Well, a bad market segmentation or an error in the investment budget could represent considerable losses of time and money. However, its use is quite profitable and affordable compared to other conventional advertising media.

Selling products or services

One of the most logical ways to make money in any field is by selling products or services that meet the needs of the public. So, in the case of Facebook, this is not the exception, since selling articles of your brand or business from your Fanpage can help you generate income quickly.

However, to apply this strategy it is necessary to have an adequate segmentation of the public. It is worth mentioning that the products to sell on Facebook can be many. From digital content, such as guides and manuals, to accessories or basic necessities.

To do this, you must complete all the information on your Fanpage and proceed to monetize using the Facebook sales platform. However, this strategy can be useful to bring potential customers to your physical store or establishment, if you have one.

Creating subscription groups

It allows you to create subscriptions to your page and receive income every month. The plan for this is simple, establishes a price or cost per subscription and offers exclusive advantages or benefits to each of the subscribers. It is a way to generate money on Facebook in the long term, however, what is really important in this type of strategy is to comply with the proposed rewards.

It is worth mentioning that, for this, the platform offers a series of resources at your disposal so that you can carry out your objective efficiently. On the other hand, it is important to clarify that, in order to use this monetization tool, the main requirement is to be invited. Among the characteristics of subscription groups on Facebook are: communications and recognition, exclusive access, comments and community growth.

Making mentions of other accounts

Brands or companies are always looking for content creators who recommend their products or services, in exchange for monetary compensation. To facilitate this task, Facebook implemented theBrand collaboration manager. This is a tool that allows clients to connect with influencers within the community to form mutually beneficial business partnerships.

Now, for this to be possible, you need to have a community of at least 1,000 followers, in addition to 15,000 interactions with publications, 180,000 reproduced minutes or a minimum of 30,000 one-minute reproductions in videos that last 3 minutes in a period 60 days. It should be mentioned that this monetization strategy is ideal for:

  • Content creators (Original photos and videos) with a loyal and active community.
  • Page themes or market niches that do not represent an obstacle or are considered a risk.

Driving traffic to your website

This type of monetization consists of obtaining money for each visit you receive on your website. It can be supported by advertising advertisements or Facebook Ads, with a conversion campaign objective, that is, to convert clicks to real actions or tangible benefits for the company. As with other strategies outlined in this text, the content plays a fundamental role in the success of this task.

Using Affiliate Marketing

It is a kind of combination between the sale of products and the mentions of other accounts. However, in this case, it is about selling third party items or services and charging a small percentage of profit for it. Now, for this to be effective you must be sure that what you are selling is of good quality, otherwise you could only have negative effects on your publications.

And as a consequence, you would affect your credibility and even the growth of your community. Well, you would be recommending the purchase of a product that does not work or does not deliver what it promises. That is why this strategy should only be applied if you are certain of the effectiveness of the article.

Sharing viral content

Viral content is a profitable way to make money on Facebook, as there are many platforms or social networks on the Internet from where you could share these types of files. Of which, many belong to companies or brands that are willing to pay to look at their photos or videos in a community with thousands of members within the popular social network.

However, you should know that this strategy has its negative side, since Facebook tends to close sites with this type of content. However, if you manage to go “unnoticed”, you will have a safe and simple source of income.

Selling your Fanpage

As the last possible option to monetize on Facebook, there is the sale of Fanpage with a specific theme and a community of thousands of members (organic and active). At present there are many people who are dedicated to this type of work, creating and consolidating large communities, to later sell them to other interested users.

You should know that it is not an easy task, but if you are willing to work for it, it is a safe and effective way to get money in this social network. You just have to strive to upload quality content and get followers organically so that your sales are a success.

As you can see, the ways to make money on Facebook are many, each one focused on a particular area. Therefore, by applying them correctly, you will have a good chance of achieving your goal of monetizing using your account on this social network.

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