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How to make direct on youtube to interact with your subscribers? Step by step guide

This streaming platform is becoming more and more important for users, especially since it is adding more and more functions that allow each of its members to interact even more with their followers, thus allowing them to achieve a greater audience for their channels .

This is how live videos are becoming stronger on this platform, since they have allowed users of the social network to increase the audience for both their business and personal project within it.

All this innovation that has been added little by little in most social networks, has been improving the interaction between all members of the networks. That is why here we are going to show you how you can start directing on YouTube and thus start interacting even more with your subscribers, for this, follow in detail everything that we will explain below.

What are the main benefits of directing on YouTube?

Being able to perform these direct on YouTube is undoubtedly going to provide you with a large number of benefits, mainly because it helps you increase the audience for your channel, either so that you can further promote your business or your personal project as a YouTuber .

In accordance with this, here we show you the main benefits that you can obtain with this function offered by the platform:

It allows you to have a greater closeness and immediacy

Without a doubt, applying this type of activity on your channel will allow you to have a better connection with each of your subscribers, since you will have the experience of speaking, participating and being the protagonist of your brand yourself . All this you will achieve by establishing closer ties with your audience, since through these lives you can create a more friendly communication between everyone .

In this way you have the opportunity to publicize your business in a broader and more direct way, thus allowing consumers to integrate even more with everything you offer . Keep in mind that all the viewers are there because they want to know what you offer for them.

Provides you with greater confidence

These live streams will give you greater confidence when addressing the public, and will also give you greater credibility with your audience . Keep in mind that both trust and security are two very important aspects that can help you get all the audience you want or the sales you need.

Considering all this, it must be borne in mind that the relationship between the brand and the buyer increases according to the interaction that exists between both, so that the direct ones will undoubtedly  provide a memory in the consumers , managing to create a link between both .

Improve your content

Being able to get out of the basics and offer a new type of content will help you improve your image with the public . And it is that through the  Livestreams  can create high quality content that can leverage for upcoming events. It can be said that since this new function was applied in most social networks, it has become the type of content that generates the most reactions.

With this in mind, the best thing to do is to get the most out of this tool, as you can improve the performance of your channel . Keep in mind that before performing the live it is important that you make a call that generates interest and expectation in the audience .

It allows you to know your audience

It can be said that this is one of the most important benefits that can be achieved, and that is that they give you the possibility of discovering new potential clients, as well as knowing a little about them, whether it is knowing how they think, their interest, the behavior, their opinions, all this being very important aspects to know.

All this generates that your followers have the opportunity to learn more about your brand, they will be able to communicate directly with you, thus generating a virtual community among all.

They are much more effective than the other publications

Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube offer a higher priority to all accounts that make use of the live stream, this is because most of them are about companies or personal projects that want to be known, so that this type of content is above the other publications. 

That is why live videos offer better performance and better customer acquisition, so you can save on investing in advertising space and in turn increase sales or public recognition .

Helps you improve SEO positioning

Carrying out this type of live publication will help you improve your brand’s SEO positioning, be it for your YouTube channel, your blog or website . This is because the direct ones generate a greater number of visits, so the opportunities to make themselves known increase considerably .

Allows you to have a greater reach

As has been mentioned, doing livestream  will help you reach a greater number of people, so applying this type of action constantly will allow you to achieve a greater reach of followers regardless of their geographical limits. .

Take the opportunity to make special announcements

Another of the most important aspects of this tool is that it will allow you to make special announcements, for this you must take advantage of the fact that you have the attention of all the public interested in you. This is how you should take the opportunity to announce special events or to make exclusive launches of any product or merchandise that you are promoting.

Make customer service directives

Taking advantage of the fact that with this type of publication you will obtain direct communication with your audience, you can take advantage of it to provide virtual customer service. That is, allow your viewers to ask you questions about problems or inconveniences they have had with your brand and clarify all the doubts they have . This will make you show interest in the client’s well-being, which is very important in these cases.

Learn step by step how to make a live video on YouTube

Bearing in mind all the benefits that can be obtained with live videos, the next thing is to learn how to do them, for this, here we are going to explain the procedure step by step so that you can make live videos on YouTube and thus be able to capture the attention of a greater number of spectators .

To do this, follow in detail all the steps that we will indicate below:

Create your brand account on the platform

The first thing you will have to do is create your account on the YouTube platform, keep in mind that this can be an account for your company, personal brand, or simply to promote yourself as a youtuber . When you have registered and have your own channel, you will have the opportunity to upload all the content you want, as well as start interacting with each of your subscribers and other audiences.

The advantage of this social network is that it allows any user to access each of your reproductions without having to be subscribed to your channel , which gives you greater possibilities of attracting more audiences . To create the account you will only need an email and a security password, in the case of having a Google account you can access with said data.

Customize your profile

Once created, the following will be to customize your profile in detail, keep in mind that this will be your image within the platform so it is very important that it includes all the important information you have about yourself. This will be essential when you want to get subscribers . For this you can add a profile photo, a cover image and above all give a very good image to your channel .

Enter YouTube Studio

When you have done all of the above, the next thing to do is start creating your own live video, for this you must access the “YouTube Studio” section. Here a new window will open in the browser where you will have the opportunity to find different options that you can apply to your channel .

If you have just opened your account and it is the first time you log in, you will have to verify that it is you, so you can do it through a phone call or text message that will be sent to the number you have registered on the platform . Once this is done, you must wait 24 hours to activate the live video function .

Select the Broadcast Live option

Once the 24 hours have elapsed, the next thing to do is select the option to broadcast live, it is in the upper right part of your channel, it has a video camera icon with a + sign. You must click on it and select that option.

Enter the data for the live broadcast

It is important that you bear in mind that before starting with the live broadcast, the platform will ask you to enter some necessary data for it, here you must add the title of the video, the privacy, if you want it to be done at once or schedule it for later, the type of event or what idea you want to share with the audience.

Keep in mind that all this data provided will allow visitors to know what the reproduction will be about, so you will have to add a brief description . Make sure that all the information you enter is correct and that it is also interesting so that you can attract as many audiences as necessary .

Start with live streaming

Once you have reached this point, your live playback will have started, in this case the transmission will not have a time limit, this will allow you to last as long as you think is necessary. It is important that you are very aware of all the details, such as that the camera is positioned correctly , that the audio is understood very well and especially what the viewers write .

Remember to share the transmission on your other social networks

This is the best opportunity you have so that you can reach all the followers that are possible, for this you can share your transmission on all your other social networks, you must click on the arrow next to the microphone. There you will find the options of the other social networks, simply select those that you want to transmit it.

End the broadcast

To finish, you must end the playback, to do this you simply click on the “End transmission” option , a window will appear where it will ask you if you are sure to finish it or not yet, simply click on “end”.

Tips to make your live streams are seen by more people on YouTube

Doing these live broadcasts is not as easy as it seems, keep in mind that you must take care of some very important details during the recording . All this in order that you can create very professional reproductions that help you get all the necessary audience . The importance of these events is to get as many viewers as possible, since that is the main objective.

In accordance with this, here are some tips to get a larger audience:

Plan your content

At the time of livestreaming it is necessary that you have planned everything that you are going to speak and present, since you cannot start said reproduction without being completely clear about what you want to show . Showing yourself safe and confident will help you make a big impact with your followers .


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