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How to make and upload stories to Facebook from PC

In this short tutorial, we want to teach you something that perhaps you already know how to use, but from your mobile device and you had not taken the time to think that it was also possible to do it on PC. Of course, you did not know this because it was not possible to do it, but now it can be done and we are going to show you which tool we are going to use so that you can upload stories to Facebook.

As you already know, Facebook is opening up a range of possibilities for its platform to be the most used in the world and on all possible electronic devices. And he is also taking on the task of offering new features that keep his fans happy. That is why we are going to teach you without wasting time how to make and upload stories to Facebook from your PC.

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How to make and upload stories to Facebook from PC

With the following method that we are going to teach you, you will be able to make and upload stories to Facebook from your PC. And this without the use of programs. To do this, we go to our personal Facebook account and log in. When we finish the protocol to enter and being on our account we continue.

Now we are going to locate in the upper left part and we are going to find the stories section and in the option that says Add to your story, we are going to make a clip. By performing this action, it will show you a new window very similar to the one that shows you when you are going to make a publication on your Facebook account.

You can see that you have many options, you can write the text you want and change the background color. You can also add a video or photo that you have on your computer, you will also see the News option. If you activate this option when you post your story, it will be seen on your personal wall as well.

You will also get the option of Your story and next to it you will see the privacy option, with this option you can choose who will see your story. Where you will have three options Friends, Public and Friends and connections. But the most common is that you choose the Public option so that everyone can see your stories, if you want you can put music .

Make your Facebook story from PC

If you look closely, it also offers you a little information where it tells you that the story will be valid for 24 hours and after this time it will be deleted. Now that you have seen how it works, you can proceed to make your story using all the options available so that you can edit it in the best way.

Try to make a very colorful story, include images or videos because you must remember that it will only last 24 hours published. When you’re done, you should clip to the Publish option at the bottom. And now you only have to wait a short time for your story to be published and shared with your contacts.

Now to see your story, you just have to go to the history section and choose the Your story option . When you find it you must make a clip, in seconds the screen will go dark and a window with your story will appear in the center. If you are not comfortable with this story you can delete it. You will do this in the following way.

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In the upper right part of this window there is the icon with three dots, you make a clip, there two options appear and you choose to delete the photo. Then you click on confirm and voila, you have already deleted your story. And in this simple way you can   make and upload stories to Facebook from your PC or Laptop in seconds.

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