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How to make a collage of photos on Instagram for your publications and stories

To make a collage of photos on Instagram you just have to slide the screen to the right and locate the third option that says ” Design “. This alternative will work in case you are going to post a collage on Instagram stories. For collages publications within your profile feed on this social network, you will have to resort to external applications available both on Google Play and in the App Store. They are simple, practical and easy to use.

With collages you can publish several photos in the same image. In the case of stories, you do not have to install any external application since Instagram already has that tool pre-installed. In this way, you will be able to have more photos in your content without having to make several publications during the month. The tools that will be detailed are easy to use and they will not take up much storage space on your mobile device.

For Stories

Instagram has several templates to make a collage in the story. If you want to know how to make a collage of photos in Instagram stories, follow these steps:

  1. Log into Instagram from your mobile device.
  2. Now, swipe to the right or press the circle of “ Your story ”.
  3. Select ” Design.” On iOS devices it is called “ Layout ”.
  4. Click on the grid.
  5. Choose the model you want to start adding your photos.
  6. Once you choose the collage, you can take photos directly in each frame or upload a photo from your gallery. To do this, press the center circle.
  7. When the photos are ready, press the “ check ” icon .
  8. Finally, the photo will appear ready to publish. Choose if you want to publish the collage in your stories, with a list of best friends or towards a particular person.

Applications for publications

The applications of the Google Play Stores and the App Store are tools that simplify the execution of certain activities. In this case, you will see a list of the best apps to make photo collages on Instagram and publish it on your main feed.


It is an app officially from Instagram. With it you can make many photo compositions quickly and easily. If you want to use Layout on your device to make photo collage on Instagram, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Download ” Layout ” through thislink for Android devices. If you have an iOS device, press the nextlink.


The differentiating factor of PicCollage is that it allows you to add stickers, animations, backgrounds and texts to all the photo compositions you make. Another detail to highlight is that it has a button with the Instagram logo which cuts the images to leave them in the precise size required or demanded by the application.

Like other applications, it has a free version that is complete to cover basic aspects and has another paid version with more tools to make collages. You can also draw any details on the photos that you add for the composition. If you are looking to download PicCollage on an Android, thislink is for you. On the other hand, if you need the app for an iOS device, press thislink.

Grid Post Maker

Grid Post Maker is one of the best applications for its light weight, that is, it will not take up too much storage space on your cell phone. It has a fairly complete free version to make collages on Instagram, although it also has the paid version whose price to pay ranges between 2 or 5 dollars per month.

Within the composition you decide to create, you can add videos and pre-designed creative frames within the app. This will make it easier to group photos and help boost creativity in your main account feed. If you want to download Grid Post Maker for iOS phones, click thislink. Now, if you have an Android, use thislink.


This app has one of the best scores in the official stores of the Android and iOS Operating Systems. It has more than 300 templates that will allow you to choose the one that best suits what you need. Additionally, you will have more than 100 animated filters available with which you can add a different touch to the multimedia content you upload on Instagram.

On the other hand, one of the advantages to highlight of PhotoGrid is that it has 90 varieties of backgrounds, a collection of 500 stickers and more than 60 filters with which you can retouch the images to your liking. Also, composing photos will be easy to do thanks to its simple editing tools. If you have an Android and want to use PhotoGrid to make collages on Instagram, press thislink. In case you count an iOS phone, this is thelink to use.

The process to make a collage of photos on Instagram is really simple. The steps you must do from the stories are simple and intuitive. On the other hand, to make a collage between the publications of your profile (feed), you will have to download some of the applications that have been mentioned in this post.


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