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How to listen to YouTube with the screen off with Brave Browser?

Many users tend to listen to music through YouTube, and that platform has endless hours of playback of any type of music genre for all styles.

It is quite common to see at parties or at family gatherings or with friends that the music is due to YouTube. In addition to being free unlike other platforms such as Spotify, you have the advantage of being able to adjust the video quality , which is great for weak connections, so that the music does not stop due to this factor.

However, despite the multiple advantages that the platform has, it has a big problem that many users have been claiming. And is that YouTube can not be played through mobile devices with the screen off.

This means that you must have the application open for it to work, thus preventing you from using your phone to perform any other function.

Despite this, what appears to be the solution to this problem has emerged. This is Brave Browser, a browser for Android, which in addition to being fast and safe allows you to listen to YouTube with the screen off.

What is Brave Browser?

Brave Browser is a browser for Android based on the Chromium browser, which is very similar to Chrome.

This browser is characterized by being quite fast and also by being able to block annoying ads that are displayed unexpectedly, as well as the possibility of optimizing the battery of your device.

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However, the most remarkable thing about this browser is that it is possible to play YouTube in the background, so that you can listen to music if you need to have the application open.

This is very useful for doing other activities with your mobile and also considerably increases the battery of your device. You can get Brave Browser from the Playstore or get the apk in any browser.

How to play YouTube in the background with Brave Browser?

Before you can play YouTube with the screen off, you will have to do a little configuration in the browser. To do this, you must follow the following steps:

  • The first thing you should do is open the Brave Browser browser
  • Once you have the browser open, you must press the option of the three vertical dots located in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • The next thing will be to press the configuration option . There a series of options will open and you will have to select the site configuration option.
  • Finally you must select the multimedia option and there press Background video playback

Once you have established these settings, you will be able to play songs on YouTube in the background and with the screen off. To do this you just have to go to Youtube in the Brave Browser browser and select any song of your choice.

Once the song begins to play, you will have to press the Home button on your mobile to get it to exit YouTube without closing it. Later you will have to go to the notifications of your mobile and you will be able to observe some YouTube options, among which you will be able to find yourself: Play, next song, previous song.

Just hit play so that YouTube starts playing in the background. You can even turn off the screen of your device without any problems and YouTube will continue to play normally.

Play YouTube in the background without Brave Browser

There is another alternative where you do not require the Brave Browser browser. In fact, the only thing you will need is to access Chrome and configure a small and simple configuration.

To do this you must access Chrome from your mobile and press the option of the 3 vertical points located in the upper right corner. The next thing will be to select the option “Request desktop web”.

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After this we can go to YouTube and activate the notifications. At this point we will have to choose the song we want to play and once it starts playing, you can press the home button on your mobile. Finally you will have to see the notifications and you will see that you can play YouTube in the background.

Other slightly more advanced devices have the multitasking option, where you can divide your mobile screen in two and thus be able to play YouTube in the background while doing any other activity.

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