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How to know who stops following you on Instagram manual or with app

It can be disappointing if you think someone has unfollowed you, especially a friend. If you want to know who unfollows you on Instagram, there are two ways to do it, manually or with an app.

As you know, Instagram does not notify you if someone unfollows you. You will only see your number of followers decreasing and you will be wondering “who unfollowed me on Instagram?” But there is always a way to find out or an application to see who unfollows you. Next we will see the options.

Who stops following me on Instagram

So, let’s look at two ways you can see who unfollows you on Instagram. The first is manually, in case it is only a few followers, and the second using an application.

Review manually

This takes time, so it’s only worth it if you think you know who may have unfollowed you. And only if that person is following hundreds and not thousands of people.

  1. The first thing you can do is go to your profile and enter your Followers section . Then look for the name of a person that you think has unfollowed you to confirm.
  2. Another way is by going to the person’s profile and clicking Followed. Then look for your name to see if it follows you or not. Scroll through the list or search for your username using the search field.

This may work for a few suspicious users, but if it’s a lot of people and you also have no idea, it doesn’t make sense. In this case, you must use an application to see who stops following you on Instagram.

App to know who stops following you on Instagram

If there are many people who have stopped following you or if you have no idea who they are, the easiest and fastest way to do it is by using an app. Below I present the most suitable for the purposes.

1. Follow Meter for Instagram

Follow Meter provides you with information on your popularity on Instagram on your Android or iOS device. You will need to install it and log in with your Instagram credentials. In its control panel it will show you your new followers and those who stop following you, the users that you are not following back and even those who do not follow you back. Download for Android | iOS.

2. Followers Tracker Pro

Followers Tracker Pro works as a simple follower / follower tracker with a simple and intuitive interface. Although it includes the “pro” in its name, you can download it and start using it for free (includes in-app purchases for extra features). You will be able to see the followers that you are gaining and losing, not followers or users that you follow and do not follow you back, and the comments and likes removed. All of this in a quick summary. Download for iOS.

3. Follow Cop

Follow Cop allows you to view your non-followers, recently unfollowed users, ghost followers, and more. It allows you to manage your followers more easily than through the Instagram application. You can unfollow 20 users simultaneously and use filters to find false followers. You can also use up to 3 Instagram accounts simultaneously with the application. Download for Android.

– Know who does not follow me on Instagram –

If you want to know who has unfollowed you on Instagram, you have probably noticed that your followers have been decreasing. In this case, you will understandably want to see who stops following you. But you should try not to take it personally.

Sometimes some users just shorten their following list. Also, many send you requests or start following you so you can follow them back, then they stop following you.

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