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How to know who sees the stories or photos that I upload on my Facebook account

The photos or images that we upload to our social networks will always be a source of intrigue or curiosity, to know who is observing them, be it in their presentation of a common image or in the form of a story, we will always be curious to decipher the surrounding enigmas to viewers the same.

And it not only focuses on the curiosity of the third party, it also hangs over our own steps, the desire to see past Facebook stories , it is a clear example of human curiosity that has no chronological limitation, as well as applies in the opposite direction. , the subject of subtlety, and you want to see Facebook stories without it being known .

In the same way, images and stories become an internal design theme or reveal an image that will be the subject of initial attraction when entering your Facebook profile, so much so that you can add outstanding stories to Facebook , or make the same on Instagram.

Besides that curiosity has no limits, this is how desire is embodied from the Instagram interface, to be able to know who saw the stories you highlight in that social space. It is not something alien or profane, it is human curiosity being free. And we are going to help fill those cravings for knowledge.

How do I know who sees the stories I upload on my Facebook account?

The stories are presented as a sample that users give to their friends on Facebook, on topics or events that they will consider important to themselves. Which will be limited to a period of time of twenty-four continuous and interrupted hours, where the people who have been chosen from the privacy section, will be able to see. And we can know who has seen them in a simple way.

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To do this, you must enter Facebook, from your mobile or computer, once inside the account, the news section will appear. At the top, you can see the stories, including those of the user.

Not only from the news space you can see the story that was published, you can also see it in the internal section of the profile, making a clip on the profile image that displays the option to view the story, if done from the application to mobile.

When viewing the story, an icon that resembles the iconography of an eye can be seen at the bottom. By making a clip on it, a list will be displayed with the users who have seen the story, you can explore the list at your own will and navigate between the viewers.

In the same vein, Facebook shows, together with the name of the viewer user, the reactions they have given about the story. Remember that the possibility of reacting is optional, therefore if the reaction is not displayed, it means that the viewer never did it, but did see the story.

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How do I know who sees the photos I upload on my Facebook account?

Nothing is impossible, if it is a possibility to know who saw the photos that are uploaded to the Facebook account. Although it should be clarified that it is not a direct and pompously advertised sample on the platform, in no way, but if it is possible to know it, by two means.

The first will be the deduction, although the option of knowing who sees the photos on Facebook is true , it is not a direct possibility, if it is indirectly. By means of logic, it is possible to know who has seen a photo, the use of reactions or likes is an indirect method to know who has seen a photo.

Nobody likes or reacts to something that they have not observed, therefore, knowing in detail who saw it is to review the list of likes or reactions. In the same way, when you receive a notification of a like on an image that was published a long time ago, it is a guarantee that that person is stalking, and thus you can know who has just seen it.

Another way is to configure privacy, this limits or increases the possibility of visibility of the photos, which allows the user to know and manage who will see their images, that even if it is not said or announced who sees them, if known, because they were configured so that a certain person or persons have access to observe.

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