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How to know the location of a person by Facebook Messenger

Tracking and locating someone is no longer as difficult as it used to be. Today we are so connected, that it has become easier to know the location of a person. And this time we will see how you can track someone with Facebook Messenger.

This could be useful, for example, to find out where your children are, if they really go where they said they are, or if they run away elsewhere. If you and the person you want to track use Facebook Messenger, their location can be determined.

On the other hand, it may not be very pleasant for you that someone can determine your location without you knowing. Messenger can pose a greater risk than you might imagine, especially if you have a lot of friends on Facebook and some of them are actually strangers. Understanding how to locate someone will give you an idea of ??how easily they could do the same to you.

How to track a person on Messenger

To track someone with Messenger you don’t need to be a tech savvy. Nor is it necessary for an elite-level hacker to go to Facebook and see that someone has shared their location. Here I will show you 4 ways to locate a person:

1. Share location function

With this feature, the location tracking approach is more consensual. Facebook Messenger makes it easy for people who want to meet to do so, allowing them to share each other’s location.

  • Open a conversation with the person on Messenger.
  • Press the four dots that are in the lower left part of your screen and click on  Location
  • Now select  Share Live Location. The other person will be able to see your current location and follow you wherever you go.
  • Similarly, or even simultaneously, other people can share their location with you.

2. Location tags and #Hashtags

Search for a location tag for someone on your friends list and their location is just a few clicks away. The most common way to discover a location tag is in Facebook stories.

  • If you find a location tag on an image, you can tap it, select show location, and make it appear on your phone screen. 
  • Press the label text and it will redirect you to Google Maps, showing you the location of the target.

Although this is not the most reliable method of tracking someone, as the location is not necessarily current, it can be helpful. Also the location tag could be wrong, since the user who publishes it can choose any location. But anyway, it’s worth a try.

3. Friends nearby function

The “Friends Nearby” feature requires the main Facebook application to be installed. Then you can enable it by going to the  Menu, select  Friends nearby and hit the Start button .

Now you can see all your other friends who are currently using the feature. Each one will be displayed by location, including the physical distance from you.

The closest friends will be listed first and will be accompanied by a Facebook Messenger button that you can use to start a chat conversation with them.

  • WARNING: By using this feature you are giving your consent for anyone who is on your friends list and activates the feature to know your location.

This feature is used regularly for meetings between friends, colleagues, etc. But it can also be used by unknown people who have sneaked into your friends list.

4. Track with other apps

There is a free online service called  IPLogger  that can help you find the exact location of a friend at the time a post is made. 

  • You need to go to the website  and choose a follow option from the list.
  • Enter the URL link with which you are going to track the location and copy the provided IPLogger code.
  • Now you should try to make the other person click on the generated URL, which you can send through Messenger or another messaging application.
  • When this happens, you will be able to use a second generated URL that will allow you to view the statistics and track the location directly from your browser.

From here the location tracking begins to be non-consensual and more invasive to privacy. Although there are location tracking applications that could be beneficial in a positive way, most of the time this can be considered as cybercrime.

How to know someone’s location

As you have seen, it does not take much to locate a person on their cell phone, as long as they are on your friends list on Facebook. With a bit of swapping at both ends, you can find the whereabouts of any of your friends.

But you must bear in mind that they can also do the same with you. Try to be careful who you share things with online, as not everyone is as friendly as they appear.

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