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How to know if someone has entered my Twitter account without permission

Twitter is a social network developed in mid-2010, when this type of service was not yet widely used. It is a platform that allows interaction between users through so-called “tweets”, which are short texts. In other words, the user develops a “tweet” and other users can “like” or share it.

This platform is characterized by its wide relevance throughout the ages. It is estimated that more than sixty million Tweets are created per day that you can program , in addition to returning nearly 10,000 results from user searches and other requests. And it is even the most used social network in some countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

Currently Twitter has been including new services, such as the establishment of connection with other social networks (Facebook and Instagram). The possibility of broadcasting live, the uploading of multimedia content such as videos and photographs and of course the integration of text boxes to this type of publication.

How to know if someone has entered my Twitter account without permission?

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The history of Twitter is not very clear yet, as some details of its origin and launch date have not been specified. It is known that the messaging service was available for April 2015, however the exact launch date or how the project arose is not certain.

The truth is that Twitter is one of the most relevant social networks in the world. Since most political leaders, as well as characters in the artistic environment, use it to communicate with their followers and to publicize information of general interest.

Every day more than fifty million access the platform and this has made the Twitter company carry out some reforms in the service to provide greater security to its users. Nowadays it is possible to know who, how and when accesses a certain website.

Steps to know if someone has entered my Twitter account without permission

There is a smart option on Twitter that records activity on the platform. This tool can be quite useful when it comes to clarifying if someone has entered our personal account without consent. Or if it is the product of our imagination.

Normally the service stores a detailed record of the times that have been entered into Twitter, including the day (date), the time and the device from which it was entered. That is, if it is accessed from the computer or a specific smart device such as an Android Smartphone or iPhone. At this point we can make sure if it was indeed us or someone else.

Log in

Login Twitter

First of all, log in from your computer, this is important, since the registration option has not yet been included in the Twitter application available for Android devices.

Tap on your profile picture icon to access custom settings tools. Once you are inside, go to the “Settings” tab, symbolized with the shape of a gear. Now click on the “your Twitter data” section. There you will have to register your login password again to validate yourself as a user.

Detailed log

A detailed record of all the times you have entered Twitter and the activities you have performed at each login will appear below.

If you have noticed any irregularity, it is advisable to reinforce the security configuration aspects . Link your account with your cell phone number, and add your email as a means of contact. You can also change the login password to a much more complex one.

These types of measures will help you preserve your account. The new Twitter update continually sends notifications via email to keep your users up to date on what is happening on your account.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to know your opinion. Have you been able to find out if someone has entered your Twitter account without your consent? Do you know of another method to know if someone has entered your Twitter account? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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