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How to know if a person listened to my audio or voice message on Instagram

It is no lie to anyone that Instagram is one of the most important social networks on the planet today. His fame has reached similar or even surpass the great recognition of other super important and much older social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. But all this has its reason for being, Instagram is undoubtedly a platform with a large number of options.

Since its launch on the market in late 2010, this social network has generated quite a considerable impact among users of mobile devices and computers with operating systems such as Android, Windows, MAC, iOS , among others. Clearly, since its inception, Instagram has been available on a large number of platforms, this being a plus.

But this is only the beginning since with the passing of a few years its worldwide recognition was such that in mid-2012 this innovative social network already had 100 million registered users around the planet, these numbers being giant for only 2 years in the application market for mobile devices and social networks.

From here the rise of this application was immense and grows year after year, day after day and this is because Instagram has a large number of tools, implements, options and totally new services in the world of social networks Not to mention its innovative, simple and elegant interface that is quite striking for all those users who register.

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But exactly what are all these qualities? Don’t worry, here we show you. Next we will give a small and concise summary about the characteristics that Instagram has for its respective users. Stay with us and we will teach you all the important details related to this fabulous application and social network.

What does Instagram really offer its users?

If we want to talk about the incredible options that instagram has, we have to start with the stories. These are publications that will last on this social network only for 24 hours. These can be photos, videos or simply images or writings created by yourself. The implementation of Instagram has a good number of tools.

This option became so famous that a large number of hugely renowned platforms also added this option on their social networks, such as Facebook , Twitter and YouTube. Another interesting point about Instagram is its design of only posts with photos and videos. This is what Instagram is all about, just publishing our photos and videos with our respective followers.

It is important to emphasize that this application and social network is fully available in different markets such as the App Store for iOS and the Play Store for Android mobile devices. In the same way, we can download this application from an alternative store or from third parties. 

Own messaging platform.

In the same way as most platforms focused on social networks, Instagram has a service in which we can communicate with all those people who follow us or we follow. It is the application’s own messaging in which we can send images, videos, messages, share publications, pages, audios and much more.

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Among the options that it has is the tool to be able to send a photo or video which can be seen only once and sent to the respective destination, which in this case will be a contact that is registered in this application. We can also send still photos and videos, which will remain in the chat in which we are talking.

How can I tell if a person heard my voicemail on Instagram?

Another point that we can denote is the option of being able to send audios to our contacts in the same way that we could do in applications totally focused on messaging such as WhatsApp and Telegram. There we can also see who heard our message and who did not.

We can notice it in a simple way. If it does not appear once the respective voice message has been sent, what we will have to do is take the message and slide it to the left. There it shows the time of delivery and if someone saw the message.

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