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How to improve the Twitch stream chat on my Android cell phone?

The Twitch platform offers one of the streaming services with the most users in the world. For this reason, people are constantly looking for how to improve and personalize some elements of their services, both in the desktop version and in the Android and iOS application. An example of this is how to improve Twitch stream chat on Android.

Twitch is a service that specializes in streaming video games. Its users are highly demanding with the speed with which they can visualize the elements. For this reason, it is common to see alternative application developers that offer improvements to performance, to application chat, among other factors of interest to users.

Eventually, by managing the application perfectly, you can even monetize Twitch streams and earn money by being an affiliate just by creating a Twitch account to stream and record video games.

Twitch on Android

Like any large streaming or video service, it has an Android application that allows users to view the transmission of users very easily from anywhere with a stable internet connection.

Likewise, the application allows you to broadcast live from the phone, buy bits, which is the official currency of the platform. Also, you can subscribe to memberships and watch the Twitch Stream chat.

The Twitch app on Android has been highly rated by users for its performance and features. However, this is not to say that there are no external enhancements that can be applied to it, or elements in its configuration that would make it work better. In the Google Play Store there are applications that aim to improve the user experience with the application, even allowing streaming on Twitch from the cell phone.

use Twitch platform


Improve Twitch stream chat on Android

The Twitch Android app has some elements that are not positive when it comes to chat. For example, when the screen is switched to the Android application, it disconnects the chat and restarts it, thus losing all messages.

Also, many users have complained of not being able to view the emoticons from the Android application and of the lack of add-ons and customization that attract the Twitch audience so much.

Tchat for Twitch

This application acts independent of the official Twitch Android application. It offers improvements to the Twitch stream chat on Android such as:

  • The chats remain persistent so leaving and returning to the application does not mean losing the chat or messages, allowing you to read them at another time. The chat history remains intact until the user returns.
  • You can add multiple channels and stay connected simultaneously. Also allowing to be able to exchange between these without losing the position in any chat.
  • It integrates the Twitch, BTTV and FFZ gestures, which were only available for the desktop version. Allowing its use also in mobile applications and solving the complaints of users when not being able to view the emoticons.
  • Presents night mode, especially to rest the eyes and reduce fatigue when using the application at night or dark spaces. It also allows customization with a selection of varied themes so that the user can change them to their liking.


download Twitch mobile app

From this application you can customize the Twitch chat and improve it greatly. It also solves requests and problems made by users to the Twitch stream chat of the official Android application.

Tchat for Twitch doesn’t just work as chat. You can also view live and past broadcasts, receive messaging notifications and it has the option of a pop-up player that allows you to perform other tasks without leaving the streaming.

To obtain these improvements, you just have to install the Tchat for Twitch application and log in with a Twitch account, then you will get all the advantages of this application on your mobile.

It should be noted that it is not the only application that improves the chat of the Twitch application on Android, but it is classified as the best and most complete currently.

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