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How to hide the Badoo application from my Android or iPhone cell phone so that it is not visible

As technology evolves, smartphones and computers increasingly house users’ personal information. Large technology companies with the creation of new intelligent equipment, define the word privacy in a unique way, each of them establishes its own policies.

Each technology giant protects itself as it suits it, especially if it has strong competition, such as Google and Apple , and what is currently observed is disputes over who offers its users better policies. This means that they establish security measures so that only they can manage the information safely.

Violations of privacy are one of the current constants that users experience, fear increases with each new device that they launch on the market, so much so that many users worldwide agree to legislate laws that allow users to Users have greater control over the information that their product and service providers collect.

How to hide the Badoo application on my Android or IPhone so that it is not visible?

Badoo is an application for Android or Apple devices that allows you to meet new people near you, or people around the world. Maybe you have wondered how to create a free Badoo account? It really is a fairly simple process, without major complications.

However, many prefer to be discreet and hide that they use this type of application or dating system on their smartphone. Although there is always the option to lock your phone, there will always be someone who will need to use your phone for “x” reasons.

But do not worry, there is always the option to hide the applications that you have installed on your smartphone, either on Android or Apple.

If you want to hide the application on your Android device, go to the menu where all the Apps are located, press the menu settings option (it has the form of 3 dots positioned vertically), select the option, hide applications and select the one you want to hide, finally press “check” and that’s it. 

hide badoo application on your android cell phone

If you are a loyal iPhone user, and you don’t want anyone to realize that you are trying to link through Badoo, you can also choose to hide it. The process is very similar to that of Android, but you must bear in mind that you must be an IOS 10 or higher user. Go to the Appstore, touch the account button, then the purchased option, slide your finger to the left on the App you want, press hide and that’s it.

How to undo the option to hide applications on my Android or Apple?

Although there is no exact formula for all devices, some users have discovered options to show hidden applications again. If you want to improve the privacy of your Android, especially that of your Apps, position yourself in the applications menu, press the three vertical dots, select the option to hide and show applications, choose the App you want to show and that’s it.

On the other hand, if your smartphone is from Apple, you only have to reverse the above, for this, you must go to the Appstore application, press the account button or your profile photo, slide your finger to the left on the desired application and select show, and voila.

Advantages of hiding applications on your smartphone

Certainly, the fact that there are many curious people who want to meddle in your affairs cannot be ignored, and what better way to do it through your smartphone, since it houses a lot of personal information, even from other users outside of you. 

hide badoo application with iphone so that it is not visible

Fortunately, as explained above, there are several methods that allow you to circumvent the wishes of a “gossip” to want to browse your phone, although harassing it through a blocking system is the easiest way, it may not be the best option, if someone close to you has access to your phone.

That is why you can venture using applications to hide what you are doing, or even have the advantage of using the different options that your Operating System gives you to do it, without them noticing your movements and data stored in it.

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