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How to get famous and earn money on YouTube step by step

Working at YouTube today has become the dream of many people, due to the amount of monthly income that YouTube can generate . However, not everything is as simple as simply uploading videos and that’s it, because it takes perseverance and strategies to achieve it.

In view of this, today we will show you in a few steps how you can be famous and earn money on YouTube. So, without further ado, keep reading, so that you can work on one of the largest and most sought-after platforms, by millions of people. You can also monetize the videos of your YouTube channels.

Tips to get famous on YouTube

On YouTube it takes more than having a channel and uploading a few videos to be famous. The essential thing is the relationship and the enthusiasm that you show with the users, since this will influence their visits and the best thing will make YouTube take you into account.

For that reason we have summarized these tips that you must follow to become famous on YouTube:

  • The first thing you should do is make yourself known, posting topics that are of interest to people.
  • Upload videos a day or two after something significant happens evidently focusing the topic of your content on that news. However, if no event occurs, keep uploading videos.
  • Find a famous YouTube video and make a parody of it, this is liked by most of the people. Because it is a famous person, they will see it faster, so you must make sure that the title of your video contains the name of that famous person.
  • Attend YouTube meetings, these are held globally and it’s a good way to get yourself known. Here you will see different users, therefore, if the opportunity arises, collaborate in a video, as that will increase your popularity.
  • Promote your videos on different social networks.
  • Design your channel in an attractive way from the name you use to the style it contains.
  • Respond to the questions and comments that users leave on your channel, because people always like that interaction.

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How to make money on YouTube

Now, already knowing what you must do to make your YouTube channel famous, we show you the steps to make money on YouTube. However, it is necessary that you are clear about these concepts before:

  • Audience: It refers to which people the information you publish is directed to, which you must define because your earnings will depend on that. You must take into account gender, age, and even the country of the people to whom you direct your information.
  • Monetize: It means that you allow YouTube to place ads on your videos, which will help you with the profits. By monetizing you are guaranteeing that all the content you publish is your own. However, to make money you need to meet the requirements to monetize a channel. 
  • Google AdSense: It is a Google application that allows you to place advertising on your videos, earning money for it.
  • Analytics: It is a tool that will allow you to know how popular your content is and how your earnings are.

Once you are clear about these are concepts, follow these steps to make money on YouTube:

  • Create your YouTube channel.
  • Define the audience to which you will direct your videos.
  • Once defined, upload eye-catching content on your channel, at least once a week.
  • Monetize your videos, to do this, upload the video, then click on “Video Manager” once inside, mark the “$” symbol and then press “Monetize with ads”.
  • Sign up for Google AdSense.
  • Constantly check your Analytics.
  • Publish your videos on blog and on other social networks.
  • Become a YouTube partner and you’re done.

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This last step is extremely important, because being a member will allow you to earn money by the number of visits to your channel. We hope you have learned how to be famous and earn money on YouTube step by step, do not forget to continue reading our blog.

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