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How to export Facebook birthday calendar

As much as you want, it will be practically impossible for you to remember the birthdays of all your friends, family, colleagues, etc. For this reason, it is the Facebook birthday calendar that almost always alerts us and we are “saved by the bell.”

The problem is, you don’t always check your Facebook, in which case you could miss an important birthday notification. Therefore, a good option is to extract or export your Facebook birthday calendar. Next in this post I will show you how you can export your Facebook birthday calendar.

Export Facebook birthday calendar

Birthday Calendar Extractor for Facebook is an extension for the Chrome browser, which still works on Edge Chromium. This allows you to download the entire Facebook birthday calendar with just one click.

# 1. Download and set the extension in your browser.

# 2. Next, open your Facebook and click on the extension icon on the toolbar.

# 3. Choose your preferred format, either in ICS for Google Calendar or as an Excel CSV sheet and then click Generate.

If it generates an alert that it does not work for your language, you should change the language of Facebook preferably to English. This will download a file called �birthday-calendar.ics / csv� automatically to the Downloads folder.

# 4. Use this file to import your Facebook birthday calendar into your calendar program. You can add it completely to Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar.

The developer suggests creating a new sub-calendar specifically for birthdays.

There is also an option to delete previously imported birthdays in your Google Calendar. For that you must use the extension icon and select Remove from Google Calendar.


This is a very useful extension for people who frequently forget the birthdays of their loved ones. With this extension you can export birthdays to your Outlook or Google calendar. In this way you will no longer depend on Facebook to keep up with your birthday wishes and not miss any special date from your friends.

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