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How to export and import your slack workspace quickly and easily? Step by step guide

If you want to know how to export or import your Slack workspace quickly, then this article is for you . We will show you the step by step you must do to import all the data from other apps.

In addition, in an easy way, we will explain the process you will have to go through to export any type of information from your workgroup to free up space on the Slack platform .

But this is not all you will find in this post, we will also give you the best tips to be more productive with Slack and make the most of this communication tool .

Learn step by step how to import data from other applications to your workspace in Slack

One of the most important benefits of Slack is that you can bring your entire business workflow together on the platform. In this way you will find all the relevant information in one place, thanks to the fact that you can import data from other applications, so your work efficiency will increase significantly. To perform this task you will have to continue reading because we will explain the step by step that you must do to avoid making mistakes or dying trying.

Check out:

Open the external application and export the data

The first thing you will have to do is go to the application in which you want to import the data to the Slack platform . These steps will depend on the type of program from which you want to send the information.

For example, if you do it from Hipchat, you will have to enter the application and then continue with this step by step: 

  • Write your username and password .
  • Next, click on the Data export option .
  • Choose the data you want to migrate to Slack.
  • Create a new password to protect the data you will send. To do this, you must write in the Password and Confirm password sections .
  • Once you are done you will have to click Export to generate a file with the ISO.

Customize import settings in Slack

Keep in mind that you will need to confirm whether you will create a new workspace to import the information or download the compressed file you just created into an existing workspace .

In turn, you must choose if you are going to merge users when migrating the data, you will incorporate the new people and invite them to Slack. You can also choose if you want users to import, but passively or not migrate users or their messages. For this you have to consider that the email they have in Slack and in the external application must be the same .

Import new users

Once you have decided that you want to import the new users into Slack, you will have to continue in this way: 

  • Go to the Show users option and select the arrow icon. This will bring up a menu of tools.
  • Next, review the modifications to the user import . Choose, from the list, the users you want to migrate.
  • To finish, click Next .

If you want to do it from an existing workspace, you will have to choose the Show users option . After this, you will see a list with all the emails that do not match and an arrow to display the menu and you can choose the people who will be part of the workspace.

Add new channels

What you will have to do now is click on the arrow icon, which you will find next to the Show rooms option . Choose the settings you want and click Next . If they do not match any existing channel in Slack, you will have to update the previous step so that an internal error is not generated.

Run the import

You are now in a position to generate the import of information from an external application . For this you will have to press the Import option in the menu .

Find out how to export your workspace data in Slack to free up space in the app

What we will show you next is a very practical trick that you should always keep in mind when freeing up space in the application. This is ideal if you have chosen a free version of Slack.

Pay attention to all the details:

Request access to export

If you are not the owner or administrator of the workspace or the organization, you will need to obtain authorization to export the data from a workspace.

You can do this through a direct message in which the administrator or owner must click on the Settings and administration option , then choose Workspace settings and click Import / export data . Next, you will have to select Export and finally click on the link that you will find. These steps are the same that you must do when you request authorization.

Enter your workspace

If you have a Free or Standard Plan you will have to perform the steps that we will mention below, since if you want to do it through the Plus Plan or Enterprise Grid Plan the name of the functions will change, but the process will remain the same.

The steps you will have to do to enter your workspace are: 

  • Open Slack from your browser and enter your email and password.
  • In the upper left corner of your screen you will find all the workspaces  in which you participate.
  • Choose to which you need to export the information. If you want to move between the different groups of tasks, you can do so by pressing the Ctrl key and, without releasing it, press the 1, 2 or the corresponding number, as assigned by the application.

Go to Settings and administration

Once you have chosen the workspace, you will have to select the Settings and administration option from the menu, located on the left of the screen . Next, you will need to click Workspace Settings to access the Import / Export Data tool .

Choose the period you want to export

What you will have to do now is choose the dates on which the export will start, so you will have to choose the Export Date Range tool . After this you will have to click on Start the export .

Open your email

Go to your email client and find the email that Slack sent you . Once you open it, you must click on Visit the export page of your workspace and then, to access the compressed file, you will have to select the Ready to download tool . Do not forget that the file will be in JSON format and all the messages that are within the workspace between the indicated dates and the links to the documents and files of the channels that are not closed will be exported.

Schedule exports

A good idea is to schedule your exports to happen automatically . You must bear in mind that this operation can only be done if you have contracted the Plus plan .

The steps required for this task are:

  • Go to the workspace .
  • Click Settings & Administration .
  • Choose the Workspace Settings tool .
  • Then, at the top right, select the Import / export data function .
  • Click on Schedule export and choose a frequency.

Tips to be more productive with Slack and get the most out of the work tool

As you have already read, you can import data from other applications and export any type of information from your workspace to be more efficient at work. But this is not the only thing you can do in Slack to get the most out of this communication tool . Therefore, we will show you below some tips that you can easily put into practice to be more productive in your company using Slack.

Let’s get started:

Import data from one workspace to another

Not only will you be able to export or import the files of the channels and direct messages of a certain group of tasks to an external application, you will also be able to do it from one workspace to another. This will allow you to have a better administration in communications and create sections for each project you have in your company.

The steps you will have to do are the following:

  • Open your Slack browser or access the application from your PC or Mac.
  • Follow the steps indicated in the previous paragraphs to export to an external application.
  • Once you have the export file you will have to get it and upload it to a cloud storage. For example, Google Drive or Dropbox .
  • Choose the workspace in which you will include the new information.
  • Go to the Settings and administration tool and click on it.
  • Then click Workspace Settings .
  • Select Import or export data .
  • Choose the Import function .
  • In this step you will have two options, once paste the link from the cloud or click on Upload it directly . If you choose this last alternative, the File Explorer or Finder will open for you to choose the compressed file.
  • Click on Upload file .

After a few minutes you will receive an email in which Slack will inform you that the upload is complete. To open the import page from the platform you will have to click on the Continue importing button and then on Next .

Convert direct messages to a private channel

One of the most important benefits of Slack is that it has two types of channels. One is the open channel in which there are not so many restrictions to enter or leave this room and the other type is the closed or private channel .

In the latter, the restrictions are more important and only the administrator of the workgroup or owner of the organization can choose the different security parameters. In this way, privacy is a factor that distinguishes itself in these channels, so transforming direct messages into a high-security chat room is a good idea to manage communications within a company.

Pay attention to the step by step you will have to do:

  • Open Slack from your computer and go to the direct message you want to export.
  • Next, click on the details icon represented by a circle with a letter i
  • Click on More .
  • Select the Convert to Private Channel tool .
  • Click Yes, continue .
  • Enter the name of the new channel.
  • In the function convert to private channel click.

The Slackbot tool will automatically send a message to all group members confirming the change.

Archive channels you don’t use

For you to have a good administration among your co-workers, it is important to eliminate the channels that have already fulfilled the objective for which they were created . On the other hand, if you consider that a chat room cannot be eliminated yet, but will not have modifications in the short term, it is convenient to archive it. In this way you will have at your fingertips only the channels in which you will receive permanent information.

Take this guide to archiving channels: 

  • Once you have opened Slack on PC you will have to go to the channel you want to save.
  • Then click on Details .
  • Select the More option .
  • Click on More options .
  • Choose the Archive this channel tool .
  • Confirm this action by clicking Yes, archive the channel .

If you do it from your Android mobile you will have to select the channel, then click on  Details and then select the Archive tool . On the other hand, if you decide to do this task from an iPhone or iPad, you will have to click on Details, click on Additional options, then click on Archive channel and finally choose the Archive button .

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