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How to enter Facebook directly and without password

Many people are unaware of the ability to enter Facebook without entering a password through the social network settings. Although this is an option that the platform offers you automatically when entering your account, the vast majority of users do not know how to activate it after denying it at that time. This post is mainly about providing a guide to login without password to Facebook with this method.

Additionally, there is an alternative to obtain similar results that is not achieved through the configuration of your account, but in the browser. Google Chrome allows you to save the password of different sites in the autocomplete options. In other words, you will not need to enter all the data, simply by typing the email address or telephone number the access data is completed by itself, even the user is saved.

Using profile settings

To make the login easier and faster, Facebook has a configuration in which you can enter the account by clicking on your profile photo. This will remain saved on the login page of your browser. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up your Facebook profile :

  1. Press the arrow in a corner of the screen corresponding to the drop-down menu.
  2. Select ” Settings and Privacy.”
  3. Press ” Settings ” to enter your account settings menu.
  4. Enter the section ” Security and login
  5. In ” Save your login information ” press ” Edit ” to open the settings.
  6. Within the ” THIS BROWSER ” section, you must click on the option that indicates ” Save your login information.”

By performing these steps, you will not need to enter your data to enter Facebook from the browser where you performed the procedure, it will only be necessary to press your profile photo. In addition, in this section you can also deactivate the automatic login of the browser where you are connected, as well as of other devices in which you have previously entered.

With autocomplete data

The function of saving passwords in Google Chrome is usually active by default in a browser. If it no longer appears when you log in, you probably selected the button that said ” Never ” when you saw the question if you wanted to save the password. Therefore, it no longer makes this suggestion to you when entering the Facebook home page.

To resolve this issue, it will be necessary to change the settings for the autocomplete data. If you want to save your Facebook password in the browser, you must follow the steps shown below:

  1. Open the Google Chrome drop-down menu.
  2. Select ” Settings.”
  3. Enter the ” Autocomplete ” section.
  4. Click on ” Passwords “.
  5. Make sure you have the ” Ask if I want to save passwords ” function active .
  6. Scroll down until you find the section ” Passwords that are never saved.” If you see that Facebook is included in the list, click on the cross ” X ” to remove it.
  7. Head over to Facebook and log in.
  8. You will see a box appear with the question “ Do you want to save the password? “And you must click” Save “. If you wish, you can click on the eye icon to verify the password you are saving.
  9. If for some reason the notification does not automatically open or you lose sight of it without accepting or denying the suggestion, place the key in the address bar and click on it without leaving the page. With this, you will open the notification again.

Once this is done, the password will be saved in the Google account and not only in the browser. Therefore, even if you log in from another computer, you can do so without having to enter the password, as long as it is synchronized with your account.


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