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How to enable an account that is in review on Facebook

How can I enable an account in review on Facebook ? What can I do so that my account is not restricted? How to continue serving ads on Facebook Ads without restrictions?

In case you are an entrepreneur and you advertise on Facebook Ads, you should know that Facebook is stricter every day with its rules, policies and advertising standards. It is common to see how every day new users have problems because their accounts are disabled.

Recovering a disabled account or that is under review by Facebook support is usually quite annoying, especially since it can lose money and monetization time.

Why did Facebook disable my account?

The time it takes for Facebook to review a disabled account can be long and quite annoying. Currently advertising is one of the most important sectors of the Internet and essential if you are an entrepreneur, so if your Facebook account is under review today in miracomosehace we will explain how to enable it.

In general, the Facebook robot disables an account and sends it to the review section, when the advertisement or the advertising account violates the advertising policies and regulations. Facebook is stricter every day with its policies to avoid inconveniences between users.

When Facebook sends a Facebook account for review if it actually violates its advertising rules, the account will be disabled and it will not be possible to serve ads and it is possible to lose money. 

enable an account on facebook review

However, 75% of the times Facebook submits an account for review is due to automation issues. So all is not lost, you can re-enable the account in Facebook Ads or Facebook Business Manager.

How to enable an account that is under review?

Enabling an account that is under review on Facebook is as simple as recovering your password. The form or method of account recovery depends mainly on the reason that originated the review of your Facebook account.

If your account was sent to the review section or is disabled due to an error or failure in the Facebook system, you can appeal through Facebook’s automated form. In the same way, it is advisable to check the help section or mailbox on Facebook to verify if the platform team has contacted you.

In case your Facebook account is under review for a debt, you only have to enter the billing section and make the corresponding payments and procedures to enable your account again.

If the payment is not charged effectively, try to change the method by which you are making it, if the problem persists, contact Facebook support. 

Facebook account under review

Another method to recover your account under review is to contact Facebook’s live chat, according to the experiences of other users, it is the most effective option or method when solving problems related to Facebook Ads.

What to do if Facebook permanently disables my account?

If your account was under review and the Facebook team decides to permanently disable it because it violated the rules and policies of the platform, you will not be able to enable it again. However you can:

  • Create a new account or Facebook page, through which to post ads again, however, pay more attention to the rules and policies this time.
  • Unlink all the accounts that will be linked to your Facebook page. It is advisable to unlink your Instagram account from the application and from the “business settings” section.
  • Set up the business manager again on the new Facebook page. In this new opportunity, do not link the same payment method with which you previously made the transactions. 

Even if your Facebook account is under review or permanently disabled, you can continue creating ads through the Instagram account that was linked.

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