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How to download TikTok on your cell phone: from the store and with APK

TikTok is one of the most popular applications today, thanks to its fun effects and filters for videos, which can also be downloaded to the terminal. Now, how to download this app to the cell phone ? It is very simple, you simply have to go to the official Marketplace that corresponds to the OS of your Smartphone and complete the necessary process. However, what to do if this is not possible? Is there an alternative method?

Well, the following post explains how to download TikTok on the different compatible devices from the official store. Similarly, it is mentioned what is the alternative way to do it when direct download from Play Store or App Store is not possible. The latter refers to .APK files, which allow you to install official or unofficial applications, even if the Marketplace throws some unknown error, such as lack of storage space.

From the store

Downloading TikTok from the official Android and iOS store is very simple. The way to do it in each of these Operating Systems is explained below.

On Android

To download TikTok on Android devices, you must go to the official Google store on your Smartphone or followthis link. Then you will simply have to press the ” Install ” button and wait while the app is downloaded, for which the System will automatically perform the installation and create a shortcut on the screen. For the latter, you will see a kind of message on the screen, similar to ” The direct access to TikTok was created successfully.”

It is important to mention that this application has two versions :TikTok andTikTok Lite, both available on the Play Store. The main one, whose weight is 68Mb, has all the functions and complete tools. The second, for its part, is a reduced version of the original and offers only part of the app’s features, but takes up much less storage space with only 18MB.

On iOS

The TikTok download process for iOS is very similar to that used on Android. To do this, the first step is to access the App Store from your device, followingthis link and press the ” Install ” button . The next thing is to wait while the system automatically installs on the computer, before starting to use it. It should be noted that for this Operating System there is no Lite version of the application.

Download .APK file

This type of file allows you to install applications on the cell phone, even if the official store throws unknown or annoying errors, such as: “There is not enough storage space”, when there is. You should know that it only applies to devices with Android OS. If you want to download the TikTok APK file, follow this link:

Now, before you can install any app in .APK format, you must proceed to allow unknown sources on your device from the Settings menu, for this you will have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the General Settings menu on your device.
  2. Click on ” Advanced settings “.
  3. Select ” Security “.
  4. Activate the ” Unknown sources” lever .

In this way you can download TikTok in .APK format and install it on your device from the file obtained, without problems. However, it is important to clarify that the procedure indicated above applies only to Android. Well, unfortunately, there is no alternative method to the App Store to get TikTok on iOS.

Knowing this, you can go to any application store available on the web, which is safe enough to download the app in question. Remember that by activating the “Unknown sources”, you are violating the security of the device. Well, you admit the download and installation of apps that cannot be found or cannot be downloaded directly from Google Play.

As you can see, downloading TikTok from the application store or in APK format is very simple, you just have to take into account the security aspects mentioned.


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