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How to download Instagram

Instagram is an application that allows you to share photos and videos with your loved ones, family and friends, no matter where they live. It is an application for Android and iOS systems, which has already released a version for PC and has been a success.

If you have the soul of a photographer, the desire to admire the photos of the world’s largest image community, or to follow the lives of Instagram celebrities, is essential. Instagram continues to be the great social network dedicated to photography, video and images in general.

With this application you can turn your family photos and videos into a work of art and share them. You can discover the world through the eyes of others by looking at the people you know and following Instagram fans, budding photographers, photos of stars, athletes, and fashion celebrities with whom you identify.

On Instagram you can edit your photos and then post them, share the moments of your life or your art on your page. The app also offers to post stories, chat with your friends, or even make videos. Instagram is the perfect tool for exchanging all kinds of photos. Let’s see how to download Instagram for various platforms and devices.

Download for Android

Instagram is an application for smartphones that allows you to communicate through photos taken. It has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, it is easy to handle. Instagram allows you to follow any activity of other users of the application live from the photos they take with their mobile devices.

The filters predisposed in the application improve the quality of the photos. Instagram is also a fast image editor capable of producing HD images. These options are available directly from the interface. For those that will be viewed on a larger device such as a PC, it will be necessary to use an image resizing program.

An automatic geolocation option consistently indicates where the photo was taken. This information will be displayed with the image when it is submitted. Contact details are the exact address and location on Google. If a user prefers one snapshot over another, they can add a “Like” and comments to encourage others to do the same.

Download Instagram for Android

Download .APK

And if you want to download this application, but do not want or cannot download it on Google Play, you have the option to download the .APK from the site of With this version you can save data when downloading, and you will do it safely and easily.

Download for iOS

Instagram for iOS makes it easy to share photos and videos via social media with your iPhone or iPad. Ensures instant publication of creations made by the user. The latter will find on Facebook or Twitter the photos transformed by other people.

After taking a photo, the user can make any changes. Effects and filters are built into the opus to aid in this task. This application also allows you to record videos. The snapshots posted through Instagram have information about where they were taken. This system helps the user to easily locate these locations.

Instagram for iOS is available on the App Store. This application is very popular, becoming a social network to compete with Twitter and Facebook. Its installation is free, it only requires iOS 11.0+ and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Download Dropbox for iOS

Download for PC

Instagram is a very popular social media tool for sharing photos on mobile devices. It does not exist as an official Windows application, but Microsoft made an agreement with Instagram to present an application for Windows called ” Instagram from Facebook ” in which you can log into the application through your Facebook account, on your PC.

This application is an option to the many requests from users to want an Instagram for PC. The application has the Instagram logo, but in blue, to imply that it is linked to your Facebook account.

The application ” Instagram from Facebook ” can be downloaded from the official Microsoft store, entering the following link. It is compatible only with Windows 10+ and you need around 2 GB of memory available just for it.

Download Instagram from Facebook for Windows

This application has not been very well accepted by users, alleging connectivity problems. It has a very low rating, and therefore, we do not recommend it. Enter the link and check it yourself.

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