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How to download Facebook

Facebook is the predominant online social network worldwide. Connect people with their acquaintances, friends and family, to share all kinds of information, news and multimedia content. It is the largest, most popular and most powerful social network in the world.

Facebook offers you to build your digital identity by completing many features that are unique to you. Interests, employment, place of residence, former high school, are all personal data that will be made known to you.

In general terms, Facebook allows you to access a large amount of content produced by your contacts, the pages you follow or the discussion groups in which you have joined. You can like each post, comment on it, and respond to comments from other community members.

Next, we will show you all the Facebook download options. It is available to download on any PC, whether with Windows or MacOS, and on mobile devices with Android and iOS systems. In none of these platforms will be charged a fee or subscription.

Download for Android

Facebook for Android is an application that allows users to access their account through their smartphone. The main window of this application facilitates its use since it groups all the functionalities. It is available on Google Play and has been downloaded more than 5 billion times. Gigantic.

It will be easy to access notifications, private messages and the list of connected friends. It is possible to post a status with Facebook for Android. We can also comment on that of others. Keep in mind that with each new notification, a buzzer is produced as an alert. To optimize the handling of the application tools, the user can customize the menu.

For this purpose, some features can be disabled so that only the most popular are displayed on the screen. As an illustration, punctures, messages, friend requests, notifications or others. Facebook for Android allows you to see all the images in an album of the user or friends. Downloading these photos is also supported by the application.

Download Facebook for Android

You also have the option to download Facebook for Android from Amazon. It is totally free, and it is an option that both Facebook and Amazon give you to download it without entering the Google Play Store.

Download .APK

If you do not want to download Facebook from the Google Play application store, nor from Amazon, you can directly download the APK from the site As in Google Play, to download and have no problems, you must have Android 4.1+.

Download for iOS

The Facebook application for iOS has been developed to access a Facebook account from an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV .. The application includes a navigation panel, gives direct access to all the main functions, such as messages, notifications or photos. It also incorporates a practical search bar to quickly find a contact.

Facebook for iOS has an interface customization option. To access it, you simply have to go to the Facebook design icon. In this way, we can deactivate certain functionalities to show only the most used ones.

This app also features the Chat feature. It allows you to chat with friends with a section of all contacts. For each new private message or notification, the user will be notified by ringing or vibrating. Facebook for iOS is available on the App Store, and requires iOS 10.0+.

Download Facebook for iOS

Download for PC

To use Facebook on PC, it is not necessary to download any application or program to PC. Facebook can be activated through the browser you have installed on your PC, visiting As it can be activated directly from the browser, it does not need to consume resources from your PC, except the normal ones of the internet connection.

Until February 2020, an official Facebook application was active in the Microsoft Store to be used on Windows. We do not know why it stopped working, the company gave sufficient advance notice and encouraged its users to continue using the service with all its functions, through their favorite browser.

The browser connection has all the functions that any application from another platform can give you, be it Android or iOS. You just have to visit the page through the button, and register with your data to open an account. That easy.

Open Facebook in Windows

If your PC is a MAC, it has Apple’s operating system, MacOS, you must do the same procedure. You will be able to see your Facebook from the browser, visiting the main page, in the following button. Then register your data to create an account and that’s it.

Open Facebook on MacOS

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