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How to do specific searches on Facebook

In the Facebook search engine you can perform all kinds of searches, which may have certain filters to help the location. That is, specific searches of a person can be made according to profession, country, city, job, among other characteristics. It is an advanced way to locate someone based on the information that they have placed in their biography or Facebook profile.

In view of this, if you want to quickly locate a person, company or trademark, you can use the search filters on Facebook. In this tutorial, you will find the necessary steps to use this resource according to the specifications you want to find. However, it should be noted that you will be able to find or obtain the results you are looking for if this data is included in the profile of the other person.

By city, training or job

Most people on Facebook usually fill in the information fields that the platform requests to have a more complete profile. You can take advantage of this event if you only know, for example, the name of a person and their place of work. So, take the following steps to do a specific search on Facebook :

  1. Log in to Facebook.
  2. Go to the Facebook search engine and enter the name of the person you want to search for. It can be the name, surname, pseudonym, etc. and hit ” Enter.”
  3. Press the ” People ” option .
  4. Choose between the filter of ” City “, ” Training ” or ” Employment “.
  5. Write the requested information according to the filter you have chosen to use and then press ” Enter “.

By posts with keywords

All the people who are on Facebook, publish images or videos of entertainment, informative, among others. If you remember exactly the publication or information related to it, you can place it in the Facebook search engine, press the ” Publications ” tab and it will show you the results found for all the people who have published that specific image or information.

At the same time, another way to optimize searches is by using keywords, as these are also an advanced filter that allows you to quickly locate the result you want. For example, you can place in the search engine “George Vacations” or “Manuel lemon pie recipe” and Facebook will show all the publications related to that information. Keywords can also be known as ” hasghtags ” and are identified with a numeral (#) followed by a special word.

By mutual friends

If you are looking for a specific person and you remember that they have a friend in common, you can search for that person by typing their name in the Facebook search engine, selecting the ” People ” option and activating the ” Friends of friends ” button. If not, you can also enter the profile of your friend in common and, among the friends that he has added, you look for the person you require.

By synchronization of contacts

Facebook also allows you to find people by their phone number. If the number is registered or linked to the Facebook account, it will appear among the search results. You can also save the number on your phone, and perform the following steps from the application on your mobile to synchronize your contact list with the Facebook account :

  1. While at the beginning of Facebook, press the three horizontal lines located in the upper right corner.
  2. Swipe and tap ” Settings and privacy.”
  3. Press ” Settings “.
  4. Search by sliding the screen the option “ Multimedia content and contacts ”.
  5. Select ” Continuous import of contacts.”
  6. Choose ” Start “.
  7. You will see that the contacts in your address book will be synchronized with Facebook to add them directly to this social network.

In conclusion, you can make specific searches on Facebook if you properly use the available filters. You have several options, from using applications to synchronizing the contacts on your phone. Just by placing a word, hashtag or phrase, Facebook will look for the most similar options and show the most outstanding results, hoping that they match your search.

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