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How to delete or remove all tweets from a Twitter account

To delete all tweets from the Twitter platform, you must use external websites that select up to 3,200 tweets at a time, and offer the option to permanently delete them from the account. Twitter provides the option to delete tweets but one by one, in view of this, there are these digital tools that facilitate the process. It is advisable to think properly about this action, since once it is done it will be totally irreversible.

In this tutorial, you will find online tools that will allow you to delete all (or most) tweets on your account. In the same way, you will see how you can delete tweets individually on the platform, make a backup if you need it, revoke the applications that request permission to use Twitter and how to deactivate your account if you prefer.

7 online tools

Twitter does not offer any option to delete tweets in bulk. Also, it only provides the option to do it individually and create another account with a momentary username, so that you pass the name of your old account to the new one. This option is not as viable in case you want to keep your followers and not start completely from scratch.

In view of this, on the Internet you can find different websites that help eliminate all the publications from your Twitter account. In this section, a tool will be explained in detail, since the process is similar or similar with the other web pages. Consequently, you have the option of following the steps that will be explained here or resorting to any other alternative mentioned.


This page allows you to delete up to 3,200 tweets with a single click. You just have to choose a period or time limit that can be defined in weeks, months or years. When you register with your Twitter account, you choose a search filter and delete all the tweets with the characteristics you entered. Another advantage is that it schedules periodic cleaning of your account automatically and it also has a Premium subscription in case you want to have other advantages that this tool offers you. To delete all tweets with TweetDelete follow these steps:

  1. Opens TweetDelete and click “ Sign up with Twitter.”
  2. Enter your account and password. Then, you will see that an information window appears requesting entry authorization. Press ” Authorize the application “.
  3. It will redirect you to the page and you will see your username. In ” Age of tweets to delete ” you can choose the time period of the tweets you want to delete.
  4. You can also add a keyword and choose how often you want this action to be repeated in ” Run this task “. After you choose an option, accept the TweetDelete terms and click “ Delete my tweets! ”.

Then, a window will appear indicating how many tweets will be being deleted according to the period of time you have chosen. Wait for the process to finish and then log in to your Twitter account to confirm that those posts have been deleted correctly.

Tweet Eraser

It’s a free membership page where you can delete up to 3,200 tweets. However, if you want to remove more than that amount and get more search filters, you must purchase the Premium version for $ 6.99 or $ 9.99 per month. WithTweet Eraser you can choose between three filters, which are: by hashtags, keywords and between established dates. If you want to delete tweets from both your phone and PC and you don’t have more than 3,000 messages, this is a good option for you.

Delete All My Tweets

This is one of the best options to remove all tweets without using filters. You just have toopen the page, enter your Twitter account, grant access permissions and select all the tweets you want to delete to confirm the process. You can delete batches of 3,200 tweets as many times as necessary in your account.


TwitWipe works like the previous option and therefore you will be able to delete tweets, favorite posts and mentioned accounts. You will be able to keep your followers and the accounts you follow. It is recognized for its practicality, speed and easy use. The only downside is that it has too many advertisements and CAPTCHA codes.

Tweet Deleter

It is one of the best options to remove tweets by selecting them in their entirety or using the search filters. OnTweet Deleter you can add the content of the tweet, its date or the hashtag (keyword) used at the time of its publication. However, you can only do 5 searches by keywords and to delete all tweets you have to subscribe to the Premium version.

Delete Multiple Tweets

It is a simple platform to use and with the option to delete 50, 100, 500 or up to 3,100 tweets in a single action. It has the option to select all the tweets or only those that you want to permanently delete. You only have toenter the page, log in with your Twitter account, accept the authorization to enter and choose the range of tweets you want to delete.

Twitter Archive Eraser

More than a web page, it is a program that you can install on both MacOS or Windows Operating Systems. You can delete thousands of tweets and keep those that contain photos, video, gif, etc. Similarly, it has a search filter by type of tweet, keywords (hashtags), dates or multimedia content. You just have to open thislink, and choose the download according to the Operating System of your computer.

Delete individually

In your Twitter account you can delete those tweets that you have published in the application. When you delete your publications, the profile will be updated on any platform, either in the browser, iOS or Android systems. This action can be done from the web platform or a smart device. It should also be noted that tweets can be cached or published on pages outside Twitter, in which it will not be possible to delete the publication.

From the phone

The Twitter app is one of the most used by users who own a Smartphone or a Tablet. Its interface is totally practical and simple, so it allows you to navigate comfortably between the news. To delete a tweet on Twitter from your phone, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Enter the Twitter application, and press the photo of your profile.
  2. Press ” Profile “.
  3. Press the arrow located at the extreme right of the tweet.
  4. Select the ” Delete tweet ” option .
  5. At the confirmation question, choose ” Yes.”

From PC

If you do not have a Smartphone or a Tablet, you can access your Twitter account through its digital platform. There you will be connected with all the trends and updates that are made in the application, and you can also delete the tweets of your choice one by one. To delete individual tweets on Twitter from your computer, follow these steps:

  1. Press ” Profile “.
  2. Choose the tweet you want to delete and press the arrow on the far right.
  3. Select ” Delete.”
  4. A confirmation question will appear. Press ” Delete.”

Undo the retweet

If you use any of the web pages, you will see that only the tweets that you have posted have been deleted. Retweets cannot be deleted by you but by the owner of those accounts. If you want a retweet not to be seen on your profile, you can undo the retweet. To do this, follow two simple steps:

  1. Go to your profile, and look for the retweet. Press the icon that is in green color.
  2. Now, choose the ” Undo Retweet ” option .

Deleted Tweets

You must bear in mind that once the tweets are deleted, you will not be able to see them again in your profile. In the same way, the retweets of that publication will also be deleted. In turn, the publication chronology will be updated on any platform.

However, if someone retweeted your message with a comment, this tweet will not be deleted until that person does it directly. Also, if your tweet has been copied and pasted verbatim on someone else’s Twitter, it will not be deleted either.

Make a backup

IF you want to make a backup before deleting some tweets, it is entirely possible thanks to the Twitter settings. On the page you can send to your email all the content you have published and, in this way, you can delete the tweets to the public but you will keep a copy for yourself. To make a copy of your data on Twitter perform the following steps:

  1. Go to ” More options “.
  2. Select ” Settings and privacy.”
  3. In ” Data and permissions ” choose ” Your data on Twitter “.
  4. In ” Download the fileenter your password to receive it and then press ” Confirm “.

Revoke access in apps

Sometimes other applications request permission to access Twitter to retweet or post tweets from their platforms. In view of this, once you delete all the tweets that you have chosen, it is also necessary to delete those applications that still have access authorization in the application. If you want to revoke application access on Twitter, see the steps below:

  1. Click on ” More options ” and go to ” Settings and privacy “.
  2. Press ” Applications and sessions “.
  3. Pick an app.
  4. Press the option ” Revoke access “.

Deactivate Twitter account

This is a tentative option in case you want to start from scratch without any history within Twitter. It is important to mention that, if you deactivate the account and later want to recover it, you must log in within the next 30 days. If after these 30 days you do not log into your account, it will be permanently deleted. Having clarified this detail, follow the following steps to deactivate your Twitter account :

  1. In ” More options “, click ” Settings and privacy “.
  2. In ” Data and permissions ” slide the options and locate ” Deactivate your account.”
  3. Read the information that will appear on the screen. If you are totally sure select ” Deactivate “.

As you can see, you have different tools to delete all the tweets from your Twitter account and the biggest advantage is that it doesn’t take much time. In addition, you have the possibility to individually delete some tweets or also deactivate your account forever in case you want to start from scratch, get new followers and make new publications according to what you currently think.


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