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How to Delete or Delete Badoo Chat Conversations – Quick and Easy

Badoo is a social network not as common as Facebook or Facebook dating or Instagram that are the boom of social networks today, but it is very similar. Here we will teach you to know and discover it and also to eliminate those unwanted conversations from your chat.

Every year that passes, social networks grow and more people join them. Today there are millions of different apps for different tastes and uses. Badoo was created to get to know people from your country and city where you are.

Today there are also people who still believe in cyber love and that their better half will find themselves using social networks, since it is a great world to meet new people.

This application gives you options to go out with someone, see what happens, chat and meet new people, a long-term commitment or a serious relationship. And in this way you must choose the one you are looking for.

In addition, this application shows you the people closest to your location identified with a purple circle, you can also see who is connected to start interacting or meeting profiles.

If you are a girl, only on your Badoo will you see profiles with pictures of boys and vice versa since this application like OurTime was created to get dates , although Badoo is for all ages and Ourtime is for people over 50 years old.

Delete chat conversations on Badoo very easily and quickly

Badoo is a social network which allows you to meet new people from the country where you are. If you are looking to make friends, this is the best website to achieve it. If you have used Instagram or activated Facebook partner for dating , Badoo is very similar to these applications. It has a conversation chat.

delete or delete conversations from badoo chat

This conversation chat is saved in the cloud icon located at the bottom right of your mobile screen. By clicking on it, your chats or conversations made with the different people with whom you have chatted will appear.

But you don’t want to have those conversations there all the time, therefore, Badoo gives you the option to delete them, by clicking on the chat you want to delete, in the upper right part of your screen you will find three points, we click and immediately A series of options will appear, where you will choose the option to delete chat. And in this quick and easy way you can delete all unwanted chats in your Badoo app.

How to activate Badoo premium for free fast and easy

Before downloading your Badoo app on your mobile phone, we will start using it from the beginning, that is, we must enter the gender, then your name, continuing with your date of birth, your email, you must also upload a photograph for your profile, which identifies you.

This app is used to chat with people of the same age and the area where you are. In addition, the more photographs you have, the more audience you will have , the more people will write to you and thus you will be among the top positions. For greater security you must create a password.

Next you must put your city where you are, and immediately Badoo will ask you what you are looking for, that is, go out with someone, see what happens, chat and meet new people, a long-term commitment or a serious relationship. You must choose the one you are looking for.

delete badoo conversations

 In our profile, in the settings icon located in the upper left part of the screen, we press where it says account in this option you will verify the account, later at the bottom of your screen you will find the delete account box where you will press click.

Immediately after deleting the account, Badoo will ask you any way to change your mind? And in this way you will get Badoo premium for free. We click on the box and the application will restart to activate Badoo Premium in this way.

With Badoo premium you can use the application for a 14-day trial where you save by buying credits that can be a bit expensive to be able to chat with the love of your life or with the person you are dating. This is one of the best to flirt for free without paying.

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