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How to delete old tweets on Twitter

Deleting old Tweets from your history may be necessary to remove posts that have been posted by mistake or contain the wrong information. However, the blue bird social network only allows you to remove one post at a time, something quite tedious if you want to get rid of several posts automatically. However, there are certain external applications that will allow you to do this in just one movement.

Among the most popular are TweetDelete,TweetEraser andTweetDeleter. Although, if you are looking to delete one or two Tweets in your biography, you can do it manually from the settings menu of the platform or directly from the publication made. To know more about this topic, keep reading until the end.

Using external tools

You may want to delete more than one tweet in your Twitter bio at the same time, so this will be the first method to explain. Keep in mind that, although the functions or features between applications are very similar, you will discover that they differ in certain aspects.


It is a free application, available in different languages, including Spanish, with which you can delete up to 3661 Tweets at the same time. It has a friendly and intuitive interface, so using it will be very simple. TweetDeleter has a search filter that allows you to quickly find by hashtag, date, multimedia content (if you have it).

It is worth mentioning that it has a paid version with which you can schedule the automatic deletion of your Tweets. Even in the Premium subscription you have the option to program the app so that this action runs daily. With this in mind, see the steps to delete your Twitter posts in bulk with TweetDeleter.

  1. Login to and click on “ Sign up with Twitter ”.
  2. A new window will open in which you must authorize the application. Click on the appropriate option.
  3. By doing so you will be directed to the TweetDeleter control panel where you will have different options. To delete the latest posts, check the box for those you want to delete and click ” Delete Tweets.”
    Note : Tweets are sorted in descending order from most recent to oldest.
  4. Confirm your decision by pressing ” Delete “. Keep in mind that this is an irreversible and permanent action.
  5. In case you want to locate a specific tweet, you can use the search filter available on the left sidebar. There you can enter keywords, classify by type of tweet (Replies, Retweets or Tweets), etc.


It is another of the tools available to delete Tweets in bulk. Like the previous one, it has a Premium version and a free one. It allows you to delete up to 3,200 publications at the same time and has three search filters in its “Free Eraser” plan.

Although the platform is in English, it is a simple program to use, so understanding the function of each of the options will not be complicated. To delete your Tweets with TweetEraser you must enter yourofficial website and follow these directions:

  1. Upon entering , you will be shown the three subscription options. Choose the one that best suits you by clicking on the colored box located under the corresponding plan. In this case , the free version will be used as an example.
  2. Enter your access credentials and click ” Authorize the application.”
  3. You will be redirected to the control panel of the application, to search your biography, click on ” Tweets ” in the left sidebar.
  4. Check the box for the Tweets you want to permanently delete and then click ” Delete Tweets.”
  5. Confirm your decision by clicking on ” Delete now “.
  6. In case you want to filter your search results, use the options on the right sidebar. There you can decide between searching by keywords, hashtags, date, etc.

Note: Remember that the free version only offers three search filters.


It is quick and easy to use. It allows you to delete up to 3,200 Tweets, with a period of time ranging from “Older than one week” to all the publications made. It incorporates a search filter that allows eliminating only those that include keywords or phrases provided by the user.

In addition, it offers the option of programming the automatic deletion from time to time. However, TweetDelete is in English, something that complicates its use a bit if you do not fully know the language. However, you can translate the page or the options with the help of a tool. If you want to use this app, you must:

  1. Login to and click on “Sing in with Twitter”.
  2. Authorize the application.
  3. Select the time period of the Tweets you want to delete. Remember that it ranges from “Older than one week” (Tweets older than one week) to “Older than one year” (Tweets older than one year), including the option “All my Tweets” (All my Tweets).
  4. Check the consent box and press “ Delete my Tweets! ”.
  5. In case you want to delete specific Tweets, existing in the established period of time, use the filter available on the web. In this way you will delete only those that contain said phrase or word.

Delete Multiple Tweets

It is the simplest of all, it allows you to delete a certain number of Tweets in your biography. To use it you just have to enter yourwebsite and once there, log in with your Twitter account, granting the necessary authorization to the application.

By doing so, you will be redirected to the app’s desktop, where you will only have to check the box of the publications you want to delete and press “ Delete the Tweets Permanently ”. With this, you will completely delete the content of your profile.

Delete manually

This option is useful if you want to delete only some Tweets in your biography without resorting to third-party applications. For this you simply have to access your Twitter account and follow a couple of additional steps:

  1. Locate the Tweet you want to delete.
  2. Click on the little arrow to display the publication options menu.
  3. Select ” Delete.”
  4. Confirm your decision.

Other alternatives

In addition to those mentioned above, there are two additional applications that you can use to delete Tweets in bulk, TwitWipe andDelete All My Tweets. Both allow you to delete a certain number of publications on Twitter, they are simple and intuitive tools, so you can handle them without any problem.

Revoke unnecessary access

This action is recommended when you use public or shared computers, as it prevents strangers from affecting the operation of your Twitter account by removing content of importance to you or your brand. It consists of revoking the permissions granted so that no one else has access to your account through the apps you used, for this you must enter your profile and follow the instructions explained below:

  1. Click on ” More Options ” in the menu on the left sidebar.
  2. Select ” Settings and privacy.”
  3. Locate the “Account” section and select ” Applications and sessions ” at the end of the list.
  4. Select the app you plan to revoke.
  5. Click on ” Revoke Access.”

With this, you will notice that deleting old Tweets on Twitter is an extremely simple task. You will also find various options that will be adapted to each specific situation, being able to delete a specific Tweet manually, how to delete several in bulk with the use of third-party applications. It will be left to examine the options and choose the one that you like the most.

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