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How to delete all facebook messages to clear your inbox? Step by step guide

Sending a message to our friends through Facebook is a very easy procedure, we will simply have to open the menu, choose who we will send the message to, write it and send it.

This task, being so simple , many times our message center is disorganized and causes us to lose control of our conversations that we have in the tray of the social network. This is why it is necessary to delete messages at the same time or delete them one by one.

In this article we will show you the different ways that exist to eliminate all Facebook messages at the same time as well as we will also talk about the extensions in the browsers to eliminate conversations, and the risks that we can fall into with the use of these kinds of tools.

Is it possible to delete all Facebook messages at once?

For some years now, Facebook has not allowed us to delete all the private conversations that we have in our account at once. Instead it offers us the possibility of deleting the messages one by one.

They explain from the social network that this is due to improve the user experience and also protect the privacy of the user. There have been many cases in which an account owner inadvertently deleted all conversations instead of a specific one, causing large losses.

In conclusion, with this we tell you that we cannot delete Facebook messages at the same time as we have to use an extension in the browser.

Is it safe to use extensions to delete conversations in bulk on FB?

The extensions in our browsers are programs that need certain permissions that we have to grant them in order to perform the tasks that we need from them. Without those permissions they cannot be installed or cannot fulfill their tasks efficiently.

In other words, in this way we are providing valuable information for applications that can use this data for malicious actions such as accessing our information, obtaining data from our family and friends, or simply knowing our preferences and then offering us advertisements directly related to us.

Although it is true that many times when we install these extensions they do not have any malware or adware, there is also the possibility that when they are updated, they may incorporate malicious or spy files.

Therefore, the risk to our privacy when we install these extensions is high and more so when it comes to applications oriented to a social network as popular as Facebook, where we have all our data exposed.

Steps to delete all messages received on your Facebook account

There are two ways to delete private messages from Facebook, one is through the official platform of the social network, and the other is with the installation of an extension in our Chrome browser.

Next, we will detail each of these alternatives:

From Facebook

If we need to delete the entire list of messages at once through our Facebook account, we can only do it when we choose one by one .

To do this, we will enter Facebook from our computer and follow these steps:

  • We click in the upper right part of our screen on “Messages”
  • We select “See all”
  • At this time we will see a list of all the conversations we have had with our friends on the social network
  • We choose the conversation that we want to delete
  • And we click on “Tools” that is to the right of each conversation represented by a gear
  • We choose “Delete messages”
  • We click on each message that we want to delete
  • We select the option “Delete”

If we have the application open on our mobile device, we will carry out these steps to be able to delete Facebook messages:

  • We go to “Chats”
  • We select the conversation that we want to delete
  • conversation, for this we hold down the photo of our contact or directly in the message
  • We choose the option “Delete”
  • We click on “Delete for me”
  • We select the option “Delete” and click on it

With an extension

We can eliminate the entire list of Facebook messages through an application that we have to install in our browser.

In order to carry out this task, we will follow the guide step by step that we will show you below:

  • We open our Facebook account
  • We head to the top right
  • We click on “More”, represented by three points
  • We choose the option “More tools”
  • Then we click on “Extensions”
  • In the left panel we choose the option “More extensions”
  • We will write in the search bar “Facebook delete all messages”
  • A list will appear with all the extensions that we can use
  • We click on the first option
  • We choose “Add to Chrome”
  • We click on “Add extension”
  • At this time we go to our personal profile
  • We select the option messages or “Messenger”
  • We select “See all”
  • We go to the upper right part of the screen where the icon of the extension that we have just installed will appear
  • We click on it and choose the option “Open your messages”
  • We will have the option to delete some messages or delete all. As we are taking care of deleting all the messages we will click on “Delete all messages”
  • We choose the option “Accept”
* Note: This extension is no longer available in the Google Chrome store, RIP

Is it possible to recover deleted conversations from Facebook? How do I do it?

If we want to recover the conversations that we have deleted we can do it this way:

  • We open our Facebook account
  • We go to the upper right in “Messages”
  • We click on “More”
  • Next, we choose the option “Others” and we click on it
  • We look for the option “Archived” and select it
  • A list will appear with all the conversations that we have archived or directly abandoned
  • We choose which one we need to restore
  • We click on “Actions”
  • And we choose the option “Unarchive”

These steps that we have carried out are used for when we have archived the messages or directly we have abandoned it in the middle of the conversation. If we had deleted the message directly, we could not recover it.

Another situation is that we have directly deleted it with an extension in the browser, in this case we will not be able to recover it either, so we will have to be very careful when deciding to delete private messages.

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