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How to delete a Facebook account forever

Whatever your reason, if you want to delete your Facebook account permanently, here we will see how to do it easily, both from your cell phone and from the computer.

Facebook is the most used social network and it can be useful for many things. But maybe you’re wasting too much valuable time, mostly on leisure. Perhaps you no longer like the idea of ??sharing so much personal information online, especially after the scandals of recent years.

Maybe after some pondering, you have decided to delete your username. If you have not considered it yet, you should consider deactivating it temporarily, and take some time away from the social network. But if you are completely sure, you can immediately go to the section to delete it.

Here we will see:

  • Delete Facebook permanently from the browser
  • Delete Facebook account from cell phone

Delete Facebook account permanently

# 1. Log in to the account if you haven’t already done so and enter this fa that will take you to the Deactivate or delete Facebook account page.

# 2. Choose the option Permanently delete account and click the Continue with account deletion button .

# 3. Before deleting your Facebook permanently, you should download your personal information, such as photos, posts and other information. To do this, you must click on the Download information button next to the Download your information option .

# 4. There all your information will be marked for download, but you can unmark elements that you do not need. When you’re done, click the Create file button .

The file will start to create and it will take time depending on the amount of information that the account contains. Facebook will notify you when it is ready for you to download.

# 5. Now go back to the browser or click fa to go back to the Permanently delete account page and click the Delete account button .

# 6. You must enter your password to confirm and unsubscribe from your Facebook. Then a button will appear to confirm the definitive deletion of the account. Click Remove account.

In this way you will have scheduled the permanent deletion of your account. This is how Facebook will try to keep you from leaving. Even in the next 30 days you can log in to your account and cancel the final elimination process.

This means that if you are really sure to shut down Facebook for good, you will have to wait a month for it to take effect. From another perspective, this is a period that gives you the opportunity to recover your account if you change your mind or regret it. Cancellation will be final only after 30 days.

Delete Facebook account from cell phone

You can also close Facebook forever from the mobile app on your Android or iPhone cell phone. The process varies a bit in relation to how it is done on the computer, but it basically has the same steps. Let’s see next.

  • Go to the hamburger menu, scroll down a bit, tap Settings & privacy, and choose Settings.
  • Again, scroll down a bit and choose Account Ownership and Control.
  • Tap Deactivation and deletion.
  • Choose the option Delete account and press the button Continue with the deletion of the account.
  • On this screen you have the option to download all your information. Scroll down and tap the Remove account button .
  • Now you must enter your password and press the Continue button .

Close Facebook forever

With its immense user base, Facebook offers wide possibilities in aspects of leisure, communication, business, advertising, marketing, etc. But it can also be a great distraction, a security and privacy risk that many decide to terminate their account for.

In this guide we have seen that it is not difficult at all to deactivate your account temporarily or delete it permanently. I hope it has been useful to you. Don’t forget to leave us your comments below.

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