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How to deactivate or delete a Twitter account on PC and cell phone

Some friends have asked me: how do I delete my Twitter account? And it is that many do not know that it is very easy to do it. Deleting a Twitter account is a process that you can quickly execute if you have made the decision to leave the social network.

Twitter is the social network and microblogging platform that allows us to share short messages on current affairs and be aware of everything that happens in our environment. The problem is that it is full of all kinds of trolls and spambots that can threaten our privacy or security on the internet. Although before closing your account you can consider making your Twitter private or removing annoying followers.

Delete a Twitter account

If you have definitely decided to delete Twitter, then let’s see how you can do it.

# 1. Log into your account of Twitter in a web browser on your computer.

# 2. Click More options in the column on the left of the screen and choose Settings & privacy.

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<p># <strong>3</strong>. Choose <strong>Account</strong> in the center.</p>
<p># <strong>4</strong>. On the right, click  <strong>Deactivate your account</strong>.</p>
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# 5. Here you can see all the important information before deactivating Twitter. After reading that information, click Disable at the end.

# 6. You will be prompted to enter your password before deactivating your Twitter account. After entering your password, click the Deactivate button .

This will deactivate your account, but for it to be permanently deleted you will have to wait 30 days. This is in case you regret it, in which case, you can reactivate your account just by logging in with your credentials.

Otherwise, after 30 days, your account will be permanently deleted.

How do I delete my Twitter account on my cell phone

You can also deactivate or delete a Twitter account on your Android Smartphone or iPhone (including tablets). Follow these steps below:

# 1. Open the Twitter app and log in with the account you want to delete (if you haven’t already).

# 2. Swipe the screen from left to right and in the menu choose Settings and privacy.

# 3. Select Account.

# 4. Now choose the option Deactivate your account at the bottom .

# 5. Hit the Disable option at the end.

# 6. Finally, you must enter the account password and click on Deactivate.

This will deactivate your account, and after 30 days it will be permanently deleted.

Disable Twitter

As we have seen, it is quite straightforward and quick to deactivate a Twitter account. But for it to be permanently deleted, you will have to wait 30 days. In case of regret, the account is reactivated just by logging in with your user credentials.

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