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How to create a group chat on YouTube

But before we go directly to the steps to make your group chat, let’s see why the need to create chat groups on YouTube arises and how this benefits your channel if you have one.

Reasons why you should create a group chat on YouTube

There are many reasons why you should do it. One of them is that it will allow you to earn or get 1000 subscribers . But below we will focus on the benefits of creating these chat groups by focusing directly on subscribers and channels.

For subscribers: Stay in touch with other subscribers

Creating a chat group on YouTube or being part of one allows you, as a subscriber to different channels, to keep in touch with your favorite channels and with other subscribers, for them you must activate the notification bell . With which you can find out about news through notifications, news and share more videos through these chats.

There is also the fact that you can share videos with your friends without having to leave YouTube or copy and paste the links of the videos. Make a group chat on YouTube with your friends and they can comment on videos and topics of their choice.

For channels: Maintain communication with your subscribers and project your channel

As a content creator, creating a YouTube chat group will allow you to interact with your subscribers, and know their opinions and preferences. In addition, you will be able to project or catapult your channel even more by promoting your videos and new content through the group chat on YouTube. With this you will be able to increase the reproductions of your videos.

Talk to your subscribers, communicate your new projects to them on your YouTube channel. Keep them on the lookout for your new videos in your group chat. Now that you know very well the reasons and benefits why you should learn to create a group chat on YouTube, let’s go directly to the procedure to do it.

youtube channel settings tab

How to create a group chat on YouTube in minutes

To start creating your chat group, you should know that you will first need to have the YouTube app installed on your phone . If you already have it, what you should do is access the app on your phone by clicking on its popular red icon.

After you access it, on the YouTube main page, at the bottom of it, look for the “Received” section, which has a letter icon and you must click on it.

After this, you must enter the box “Messaging” ⇾ “New group”. Once this is done, a blank box will appear where you must enter a name for the chat group, a name of your preference.

Then, you must click on “Create” to confirm the option and after this, you can add the people you have as friends on YouTube, or you can click on “Send an invitation link” to invite friends through other social networks such as Facebook or WhatsApp.steps create youtube group

This process can be done easily from any iOS, Apple or Android cell phone . The only drawback that may arise in these YouTube chat groups is that you will not be able to send audios, images, documents, among others.

You can only send and reply to messages in addition to sharing an unlimited number of videos.

As of now, there is no specific number of friends that you can add to your group chat on YouTube. So take advantage and join all your friends in a sensational YouTube chat about their favorite videos and topics.


Now that you know how to create a YouTube chat group, you can create your own and start socializing with your subscribers and friends. You can also find out about many news and updates and share a lot of content and videos.

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