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How to correctly delete a video from your youtube channel? Step by step guide

Nowadays, YouTube offers the option that you can quickly and easily delete your videos or delete your channel for whatever reason you consider important, or simply because you want to clean your user’s content .

Keep in mind that when you delete a video from this platform it is permanently, so once it is deleted you will not be able to access it again. So it is important that you make a backup copy of it first before you delete it.

You should know that this process is extremely easy to carry out, you can also do it from the website or through the application of your  mobile . Here we show you how to delete the video you want in just a few minutes.

Why is it important to remove a video with errors or little “engagement” from your YouTube channel?

YouTube is a social network platform, which is used to make marketing videos, which is why it is one of the largest social channels used today. However, there may be cases that make it advisable to delete some posted videos.

As an example, we can mention publications that damage the image of a person, a customer has been dissatisfied with the service offered, the page has received many criticisms, there is news that damages the image of a company, or personal information from third parties appears .

Here are several reasons to delete a video:

To avoid penalties

YouTube deletes all the elements that they consider do not fully comply with the requirements they request, being able to impose sanctions or even delete your channel or videos, it may also not allow you to advertise in them by not complying with the rules .

In the event that you have obtained content on YouTube that violates the Law, this channel can be informed so that it can review the indicated material and thus be able to consider the possibility of eliminating, blocking or restricting it. Sometimes we see content where there is abuse or they violate Google’s policies, that is why a legal request must be sent indicating the video or image that you want to remove with the intention that the content is analyzed.

To improve positioning

YouTube’s main goal is to attract users and get their attention through its content, which is why when it does not have useful information, it is best to delete it and create a new video that contains more attractive and educational information. Do not forget to also control the time of the same with the intention that you put only the most important thing to attract the attention of the users .

The positioning of your page in the search engine is important for your profile, as well as for your YouTube channel to be successful, this is what will make the content you display be searched by users. YouTube algorithms take into consideration several elements when extracting a video, which is why if you want the best positioning you must include as much information as possible.

To offer quality content

Videos with good content must always be offered, where the image, mobility, aesthetics and each of the details of its content must be controlled . All this with the intention that it has a good positioning.

To improve interaction with the user

A good video can better capture the attention of users than a video that has very vague content, which is why when your video does not comply with this it is best to eliminate it since you will not be able to obtain the proper positioning. The idea of ​​a video is that people are attracted to visuals and diagrams, so you should always place infographics, images to better attract their attention.

Steps to successfully remove a buggy video from your YouTube channel

YouTube has its own privacy rules, which must be fully complied with, that is why if you consider that you have violated any of these rules with a video that you have uploaded to this platform, you can delete it .

Now, this company has indicated that in order to delete a video or any type of content you must have an account with a username and password . However, as we have already indicated some of the reasons why videos or entire channels should be deleted on YouTube, it is important that you know how to permanently delete them from this social network.

That is why you must do the following:

Login to account

Mainly you must log into your account to be able to perform each of the actions you want to do. Go to “Creator Studio” in your Google account . The next step is to go to “Video Manager”, located in the menu on the left.

Delete video

Now, you can proceed to delete the video you want from the list where everything you have uploaded to your channel is located. It is important to note that on the right side of each one there is a button that indicates that you can edit your videos, as well as a panel that is displayed, where you must click and choose the “Delete video” option .

Confirm deletion of the video on YouTube

When you choose the delete video option, you will be asked to confirm whether or not you want to delete the video that has been uploaded to YouTube. When this step is confirmed, the video will be permanently deleted and the changes made in the portal cannot be undone. It should be noted that only videos found on your channel can be deleted. Likewise, it is important that when you reach this step you must be sure of what you are doing because the deleted videos cannot be recovered.

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