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How to configure and release a new video on YouTube? | Youtube Studio

And it is that managing to create expectation regarding a new material that is about to come out, as well as deciding exactly when it will be available is a great possibility.

So, since this inclusion is recent, surely those who are not experts or given to the subject could be suffering a little to get it.

That is why we have decided to get down to work and create a step-by-step tutorial to configure and premiere a video on YouTube.

How to make the settings

First of all, you must log in with the YouTube account , to be able to click on the user icon and select the option “Your channel ” from the menu .

Being in this section, a new icon consisting of a video camera with a plus sign is chosen from the upper panel, called “Create a video or publication “, some users may only appear as “Create

It will show us several pop-up options, of which we must choose the first one, “Upload a video “, so that YouTube will redirect us to the content import window.

Previously, the video must have been recorded with a professional cell phone camera to continue with the process.

In the latter, a loading arrow will appear and the option to “Select files to upload “, which when clicking opens the computer files window.

You can also drag the material into the section. After having made the selection of the element, it will load or upload it.



Once the video has been processed, you can move to the right side of the screen, a section in which “New Release ” appears, which is what we need in this case.

This section has a sliding button at the bottom to activate or deactivate said option. Of course, this must be on the right side and in blue, activated.

Just below that, the settings or preferences will appear to premiere a video on YouTube, adjust the date and time of the video. It can be at the time of finishing the edition, or in a specifically scheduled.

Finally, you must press at the top of the screen, the blue button is called “brand new “. You always have to wait until it finishes processing.

Premiere a video on YouTube

After having configured the video with the release date and time, we will be able to see the thumbnail of said material with its information.

By clicking on it, it will take us to the video display window, where it will tell us at the bottom how much time is left for the premiere.

But, being in this section, you can keep in touch with the followers through a comment panel on the right side of the screen. As well as creating expectation.

Later, viewing the comments on the YouTube video may be possible to determine its reception.

In the same way, you can share the link of said premiere on social networks, taking advantage of the “Share ” button below it.

Another possibility is to add a fixed comment, which will stay there, so that everyone can see it, before, during and after the premiere of the material.


When it is time for publication, YouTube adds a countdown screen to the audiovisual content, just as if it were a movie premiere.

On the other hand, the conversation panel will remain active both before the premiere and after, this simulates a live transmission, in real time.

A recommendation to take into account is that while the video is being uploaded, configure the summary of it, as well as the tags, the title, the category and everything that is considered pertinent.

Likewise, take advantage when the premiere is scheduled for a different date, to carry out a correct advertising campaign or share it effectively.

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