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How to close or permanently delete an account from the Fotolog social network

Blogs reign on the internet, and this is because all people always have the need to have a space in which they can freely communicate their ideas. For this, there are many websites which facilitate the user to publish information, either textual or audiovisual.

Today, there are the main sites, which all young people access day by day, and leave huge amounts of information on the net.

Among the most common of these sites are Instagram and Twitter. Twitter is a service through which the person can communicate ideas or texts of less than 144 characters online, which can be seen by anyone that the author allows. There are people whose accounts are public while others have private accounts, to protect their privacy.

Twitter allows the person to have endless skills in its official application, for example, people can learn how to have two Twitter accounts on the same cell phone . This is very useful for protecting private data.

Other types of Apps such as Facebook allow different types of functionalities, for example, on Facebook there are games and other things that keep the user entertained and returning to the social network.

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Something very important that people must learn is how to check social networks on a phone without downloading the App . This is because many times, the phones do not have enough storage to take care of all the Apps that the user downloads.

Another very important social network is Instagram, which you can check on your PC using an emulator. This is a social network that is solely and exclusively aimed at the immediate and quality distribution of images and videos.

If you have the Windows 10 operating system, no emulator will be necessary, you can download Instagram on your PC through the Windows store.

What is

Before all these applications, there was, and later, This application was the one that founded the foundations for the existence of FLickr, Instagram, Tumblr and others. was a company founded in 2002, which sought to ensure that users could send photographic information, more than anything in the Blogs system, which at that time were sweeping the internet, as they were the direct predecessors of social networks .

Fotolog has the most extensive catalog of images of any other website, including Instagram. This was amassed in more than 8 years of operation of the social network.

What are the advantages of Fotolog?

Well, despite being a company that was located in the US, Fotolog allowed several users from different countries to pay their GOLD or Premium accounts with local currency, and even through phone calls.

This was of great importance, because thanks to this reached 18 million users in 7 years of active life. With the reactivation of the site in recent years, it was noted that they added the most important feature so far, which is only being able to post one photo per day. It focuses on the user uploading the quality, not the quantity of their photos.

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How can I close or permanently delete an account from the Fotolog social network?

Fotolog is a mine of all the childhoods, teens and lives of its users. Many people have content which should not be public, so it is completely understandable that a user wants to delete their account. It turns out that in 2007, the concept of online security was totally different than it is today.

It is important to highlight that in order to delete your account you will at least need to know your username and / or email. This is because it is the way in which Fotolog locates your photos. To delete the account, you need to log in to the Social Network website. Later, you need to go to the ¨Profile¨ section. In this, you will see another section that says ¨Cuenta¨

When you start to go down in the menu, you will see a button that indicates what to press in case you want to delete the account. Once you press it, the system will ask you for some confirmations and then your data will be completely deleted. It is important that you remember that once you decide to close the account, you will not be able to recover anything that was in it.

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