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How to change your Instagram username

In this post you will learn how to change your Instagram username step by step. However, it will be necessary to know some warnings and tips regarding the consequences of this change, since they will be very useful if you are thinking about making it. Likewise, it is a good idea to know the differences between the name and the username on Instagram, because although the procedure is the same, the regulations for its modification are different.

Knowing the process and the conditions that apply to change the name on Instagram is essential for any user who needs to carry out this modification. Either for reasons of professional use or to innovate and make changes to your personal account, you can modify your Instagram name by following the instructions shown in this guide. This can be done from the mobile application or through the web version.

From the mobile app

The process to change your username on Instagram from your mobile is very simple. To begin, you must open the app and click on your photo in the lower right corner to enter your profile. Once this is done, you will only have to perform the steps shown below:

  1. Press the ” Edit Profile ” button located below your profile picture.
  2. You will see the options for ” Name ” and ” Username “. Select the one you want to change.
  3. You will be able to see what the current ” Username ” is written by default, you will have to delete it and replace it with the new one. Once you are done, press the check symbol in the upper right corner of the screen.

This is all you need to know to change your username on Instagram from the application. You can follow the same process to change the name if you wish.

From the web version

Changing the Instagram username from the web version is very similar. First enter the website, for this you can follow thislink. Then, make sure to locate yourself in your profile by clicking on your photo located in the upper right and follow the following procedure:

  1. Press ” Edit profile “.
  2. Change the content of the ” Username ” field . To do this you simply have to click to select and type.
  3. Click on the ” Send ” option located on the same page to save the changes.

This is all you need to know to change Instagram username from PC.

Differences between name and username

It is necessary to differentiate the name from the username, since it has different restrictions that are of interest in this topic. If you do not want to change the username but the name that appears on your profile, you should consider that this is not unique and may have it other than yourself, so you can have the one you want.

However, you can only change it twice within a 14-day period. If you accidentally save the incomplete name or put a name you don’t like on the second change, you will have to keep it for 14 days. Which is different from what happens with the username that can be changed more than two times within the mentioned period.


It is well known that the username on Instagram identifies you and is the way in which others can locate you within the platform. Therefore, you must have a username that represents your personality or that of your account and try not to change it frequently. Otherwise, your followers will not be able to search your content easily through the search engine.

Likewise, your acquaintances will experience problems tagging you in the photos they upload, until they have noticed the modification. You should know that the old username will be protected for a period of 14 days and no other user will be able to appropriate it during that time. However, after this period, someone else could acquire it and you may not have the opportunity to use that name again.

Additional tips

Changing your username has many positive aspects that you can take advantage of. However, it is important to choose a good option so that you can
eep it for a long time. First of all, it is important that your username is representative. This must have some agreement with the content that is shared in the account.

Likewise, it is recommended that it be short and simple, something easy for your followers to remember. In this order of ideas, a great alternative is to use the same username that you have on other social networks, so they can easily identify you in any location.

On the other hand, if the username you wanted is not available, use variations where you can add a keyword related to the content to share. In this way, you avoid including punctuation marks in the name, which is recommended so that it is easily read and remembered by the user.

As you can see, the steps to change your name or username on Instagram are very simple, from your mobile or PC. However, you must choose this data carefully to avoid inconveniences such as losing a username that you liked or placing a shameful one that you must keep for 14 days due to platform restrictions.

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