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How to change username on Twitch easily

The Twitch gaming platform , which currently has a large fan base and players that you can access from its official page. But it is also possible to do it from the different official App that the platform has and you can see the videos that are shown daily, such as live games and video game tournaments.

Although to enjoy Twitch it is not necessary to create an account , it is the most recommended, since this way you can participate in the chat room and share your experience. In the same way, you will be able to know what other users want to share. Also when you create an account you will be able to add your favorite channels to the watchlist.

How to change username on Twitch easily

Something that perhaps is not known by many people, is that many users and the truth is that there are thousands of them are making money and monetizing the streams .

The truth of all this is every day there are more new participants who use this platform to play, watch videos and earn money, but now we will concentrate on showing you how to change your username.

steps change twitch

Twitch allows you without any inconvenience that you can at some point change your username, but the vast majority have no idea that this is possible.

And maybe you’ve wanted at some point to make this change, but thought it was impossible to do. The truth is that it can be done, but first you will have to meet some requirements.

Steps to be able to change your username on Twitch easily

First of all, we are going to tell you what are the necessary requirements that you must meet to change the username. First, you must verify the email address that you have associated with your account on Twitch. If at this point you have not yet verified your account, you just have to click on the notice that is displayed at the top.

Then you must wait for the verification email to arrive in your inbox and simply follow the steps indicated there to complete the verification. Once this step has been made, we will move on to the next condition and that is not having made a username change in the last 60 days.

This means that it is possible that you change your username every two months and you meet the two conditions or requirements that you need to change your username.

Then it is possible that you carry out this process, but it is important that you know some points of great importance for your account and they are the following.

First of all , the Twitch streaming statistics will be restored , that is, when making the name change, your saved statistics will be erased, since they are associated with the name. You should also keep in mind that your link will be lost and you should change your links to your new name as the old name will no longer be usable.

twitch account switch

The good thing is that by making a name change and you have managed to obtain income, through user subscriptions, you will not lose it. Now to change your name you must go to the icon of your profile and click on it. Then in the menu you must select Settings. Now enter Profile and scroll until you find the option Profile Settings.

And now you will be able to edit or change the Username and Public Name, you can also add or change Biography. Once you have finished, click on the option Save changes and that’s it, that’s how easy it was to   change the username on Twitch.

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