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How to change Tik Tok username without waiting 30 days

The most recommended thing is that you open an account and log in because once you have your own profile you can create, edit and upload videos, and support other users with “likes”. You can also follow other users in case you liked their videos and so you can receive notifications when they publish their videos.

If you decide to join this social network, at the moment you are in the registration process it will tell you to enter a username.

You will have to choose a username that identifies you or that you like a lot, this can make it a somewhat complicated task, since none of the users of this platform wants to be confused or overshadowed by another TikToker user.

Currently many personalities, such as actors, singers, cooks, comedians, dancers, babies, painters, acrobats, grandparents and ordinary users who just want to have fun are using TikTok right now, as it is an original, fun and popular social network.

TikTok, in addition to being a social network, offers you a sensational video editor that allows you to apply incredible and unique filters to all the videos you want, download them and use them as your mobile wallpaper .

This platform facilitates almost the entire editing process, since it puts at your disposal modern tools and just by pressing some buttons and selecting filters you can edit your video. One of the most incredible filters is the green screen that places the image of your choice in the background.

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How to change your username on TikTok?

A username is something that identifies you, that’s why you can’t choose or type anything. We recommend that you think carefully about your username, since TikTok is a bit strict with these modifications, once you decide to put another username you must wait 30 days to modify it again.

The first step you must do to change your username is to start a section on TikTok.

Once you enter the application, it will show you a video and then you will have to press a button called “I” that has as an icon the first plane of a doll, which simulates the human figure. This button can be found in the lower right corner of the screen.

Once you press the button, the TikTok platform will show you your profile and you must find and select the “Edit profile” button which is one of the options that appear there, that is in the upper central part just below your photo of profile

If you have not yet logged in, you must do so and if you do not have an account yet, you must create one.

In the “Edit profile” menu you must select the option “Username”, which is the second option and then you can write your new username, you must take into account that you can only enter 20 characters.

The last thing you should do is press the “Save”  button and ¡Liso! You already have a new username on the TikTok platform.

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30-day wait to change your username on TikTok

Currently one of the rules of the TikTok platform is that for security reasons you have to wait 30 days before changing your username again.

At this time, unfortunately, there is no way to change your username before the 30 days have passed. Many users are waiting for a TikTok to change this rule to be able to change their username before the minimum time established.

Since you have to wait practically a month to change your username, you should put a name, decent, fun and that obviously identifies you, so that that time is not so long and exasperating.

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