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How to change the letter or font on Instagram

Have you ever seen those profiles on Instagram that have texts of different styles in their biographies? Or those captioned posts that contain stylized, bold, italic, strikethrough, or symbol fonts? What are they about? Well, they are sources generated with third-party services and that can be detected and read by the popular social network, which allows you to boost your profile or make the content look much more beautiful and attractive.

However, there is no official Instagram solution or tool that allows you to do this. Therefore, you must go to other online platforms or mobile applications to change the typography of your publications. However , it is important to clarify that the underlined format is not available in a conventional way, as is customary to see in office automation programs. However, there are many styles available. Next, you will learn what this is all about.

Using online tools

To modify the typography of Instagram using online tools, you have at your disposal websites such asPiliapp,lingojam andCoolsymbol. Which allow you to change the font of the phrases that you will use in your publications or in your biography at your choice from the comfort of your cell phone. Now, you should know that they are not compatible with some versions of Android, so you should test with your device before running the application.

In this case, the Piliapp tool will be used as an example to change the font to use on Instagram. The steps to follow are those:

  1. Login to from your mobile browser.
  2. Write the text you want to modify.
  3. Select the style you want to apply from the options available at the bottom.
    Note : If you want to use bold, you must check the third option in the first list of options. By selecting this style you will be able to use only bold or combine it with italics, as well as being able to keep the sans serif typeface (Arial) or change it to a Sans Serif style (Times New Roman).
  4. Press ” Copy “.

Finally, go to Instagram and paste the text in question where you want to publish it, be it in a new publication or in the information of your biography.

Using mobile apps

In case you prefer to use mobile applications to change the letter of your posts on Instagram, there are some good options in Google Play and App Store that you can use. Among the most popular is: Stylish Text, which works foriOS andAndroid and can be downloaded for free from both stores.

It has a pleasant interface, easy to understand and use. With i
you can apply traditional styles, such as bold, italics, underline or strikethrough to your Instagram texts. In the same way, it offers a wide catalog with different fonts, including a specific section with emojis that will make your publications attractive and unique.

Using it is very simple, you just have to download it from the Marketplace that corresponds to the Operating System of your cell phone and follow the steps described below. However, you should know that some styles are not compatible with certain versions of Android. So you will have to test which ones apply to your mobile.

  1. Open Stylish Text on your cell phone.
  2. Write the text you want to use.
  3. Select a style from the list of available options.
  4. Press the ” Copyicon (overlapping sheets).
  5. Go to Instagram and paste the text wherever you want: Stories, posts or comments.

That is how simple it is to use this tool to modify the typography of Instagram. It should be mentioned that Stylish Text is also compatible with other platforms, such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.

Other alternatives

In addition to those mentioned in this post, there are various tools that you can use, both on the Internet, and in the Android or iOS Marketplace to change the style of your text. However, Piliapp and Stylish Text are by far the best alternatives to achieve this goal.

However, you can also find other alternatives to these apps, which are: Fonts for Instagram,Fonts: Font and typeface for Instagram andFonts – Font and Emoji keyboard. Certain apps offer similar features and have excellent reviews on the Android Marketplace.

As you can see, getting unique and different fonts that allow you to highlight your publications or Stories on Instagram is very simple. You simply have to use the appropriate tool to achieve it, which will depend on the type of Smartphones you have, given the incompatibility problems with some sources.


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