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How to change or modify your Pinterest profile photo easily and quickly – Pinterest Settings

If you have asked yourself, How can I change or modify the Pinterest profile photo ?, quickly and easily, because here we will investigate this topic and we will give you some options, so that you can use this social network in a fluid way, which is so versatile, that it even allows us to download files such as videos and images to save them in our storage.

Our profile photo on a social network such as Pinterest allows us to show ourselves to the world, as we want to be seen. In addition to the fact that if we are in charge of a company, we can show it through the profile photo, for this reason, it is so important to be constantly updating it.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest was born as an idea to connect people with the things they like, using various means to give users a feeling of familiarity. With this, they have achieved that this social network is recognized throughout the globe, we can say to others that the public that Pinterest currently has, is very varied and ranges from adolescents to older adults.

In this app you can find endless videos and images to your liking, it is designed to identify what things you like, in order to know what to show you, in the same way, you can select your preferences when creating your account for the first time, be it user or business.

modify your profile picture on pinterest

One of the advantages that you can find on Pinterest, and that you will not see in many sites, is that its system is compact and very intuitive, having menus that are easy to handle and recognize. Also, another key advantage when using Pinterest professionally is that you can use it both on your cell phone and on a desktop computer.

Thus ensuring that it can be used anywhere or wherever you are. In addition to this, you must have a connection to upload your posts, but you can also store them on your phone to use later.

How to change or modify the Pinterest profile photo?

As we mentioned, the profile photo is essential in any social network, being the first view of your person or company, which others have. Through it, you can express confidence or security in your product.

To change your profile picture, you will have to log into your profile, once you do this you will have to look for a red box in the upper right corner of the screen, in this you can configure your account, in this case the option that interests us is the one that says assign photo, or select photo.

When you press this box, a small window will open on your screen, in order for you to select a photo of your computer, for this step, you must have previously saved a photo on your computer or cell phone, in case you are on a computer You can select the location in any of the menus on the left, the most common being downloads and images.

On the other hand, if you are on a cell phone, the gallery will open, here you can freely search for the image you want to choose, once you have it, you can mark it to accept, with this your image will have been changed.

Tips to choose the best image for your profile

As for photos, Pinterest offers a great variety that you can see and use, if you are a user who uses this social network, only to see images or board ads, it is not necessary that you choose a too planned photo, you even have the opportunity download one from the same app and select it as your profile picture. 

pinterest settings

Also, if you have in your possession, images that an audience may like, you should upload these images , in order to help expand the community and make Pinterest become an even more massive social network.

If, on the other hand, you use your account in a more commercial field, you should look for an image that represents you and your brand, generally companies usually place their slogan or their commercial photo, but if you want to be a little more innovative, you can take photos of your product yourself. Then upload them and add a tentative description.

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