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How to change Facebook email from computer and cell phone

Although in principle it would be ideal to have the same email address for life, this is not always the case. Many users find it necessary to change their email for various reasons, so they need to update it on Facebook.

Facebook allows you to change your primary email address, that is, the one you use to log into your account and receive notifications. To change your primary email, you only have to make a few modifications to your configuration, either from your computer or from your cell phone or tablet.

How to change my Facebook email

To change your Facebook email, follow these steps:

# 1. Enter Facebook in the browser, click on the arrow icon in the upper right part of the screen and choose the option Settings and privacy > Settings.

# 2. In the Contact option of the General tab , you will find your main email address. You must click the Edit link on the right.

# 3. Then click the Add another email or phone number link .

# 4. Now enter the new email address and click OK.

# 5. You will be asked to enter your password, enter it and click OK.

# 6. A message will be sent to the new email that you must open to get the confirmation code. Click Confirm, enter the code sent to you, and click OK.

# 7. Now you must select the new email as the Main Contact and click Save changes.

# 8. Since you made the new email primary, you can now delete the old one by clicking the Delete link and then clicking the Save Changes button .

In this way you will have you can change your email on Facebook, but you can also do it from the mobile application on your cell phone or tablet and that I will show you below.

How to change Facebook email from the mobile app

To change Facebook email from the mobile application on Android and iOS, follow these steps:

Open the Facebook app and go to Account Settings > General.

Here choose Email and then click the Add email address link .

You must enter the new email address, your Facebook password and press the Add email address button .

The email with the confirmation code will be sent to the newly added account. Enter and copy it.

Back in the Facebook app, click on the Confirm email address link and enter the code and click Confirm.

Now you can select the new email added as the main one and delete the old one.


As you can see, it is not that difficult to change the Facebook email. The trick is that you must first add the new email address, validate it, and then select it as the primary one. Then you can delete the old email address without problems. Hope this guide has helped you.

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