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How to broadcast live on Instagram from my Windows PC or Mac?

Knowing how to use this tool can be just as beneficial as other modalities such as adding an administrator to a Facebook Ads advertising account to advertise some premise.


Although it is true that you can broadcast live on Instagram from my Windows PC or Mac, you will need a third-party tool. This is because Instagram does not have an option as such that allows direct from PC natively.

For this reason, you should not be afraid of the applications that are used to achieve the task, they are completely legal and very easy to use, you only need ingenuity, patience and of course this tutorial.

The first thing you should do to start broadcasting is to check if your PC meets the necessary requirements to be able to perform this task. These would be:

Have a webcam or capturer (this is necessary to be able to use a video source such as a DSLR camera), a service that allows you to generate RTPM keys (this will allow you to publish in your account) such as: yellowduck or Instafeed.


broadcast on instagram

And finally have the OBS Studios application , this is the one that will allow you to broadcast live, it is free and to obtain it you just have to go to the website of the same name and download it, it is also compatible with Windows and Mac so it serves any.

It should be noted that this instrument differs from other options such as previewing Instagram before publishing them because they specify functions adapted to different purposes.

Once all the previous points have been reviewed and all the programs have been downloaded, it is time to start broadcasting live on Instagram from my Windows PC or Mac.

Live broadcast on Instagram from my Windows PC or Mac

To go directly to the important thing, the first thing you should do is run the OBS Studios application on your PC, once it is open create a new scene (you can do it in the first window that appears), put the name you want and save it .

Having an Instagram profile for companies can be combined with this option to improve the advertising experience of the company.

Then go to the “Settings ” section, from there, you can configure each of the necessary options to make a transmission. The first would be the resolution, to adjust it go to the option of “Video “, and set the resolution 750×1350 pixels, this is the one that most closely resembles that of Instagram.

Then go to “Sources “, from here you can configure whether you want to record with the webcam or through a capture device, you just have to select the “+ ” symbol to add it, and in the drop-down that appears right there you choose the type of source. With this already configured, the rest is a matter of styles, such as placing a background to the video, among others.


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Start live broadcast

What you should do once all this according to your liking is to start broadcasting live, for this you will need the help of yellowduck or Instafeed. To use the first you must download the application which is on both Windows and Mac and for the second you must enter their website.

In any of the cases, enter one of them, they will ask you for your Instagram username and password, when you have placed them they will give you the RTPM address and a Stream key, copy these two things and return to OBS.

Go to “Settings ” and then to “Emission “, here you will get an option in which you can choose the service as personalized, do it and then place the copied data in the field that appears, confirm and that’s it.

With this last step you can now broadcast live on Instagram from my Windows or Mac PC, as you saw it is very simple and should not take more than 10 minutes, so you can now run to the PC and record your best live shows!

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