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How to broadcast live on Facebook

Social networks are an increasingly used medium, either to make friends from different places or as a means of advertising to make a brand known to more people. Like Instagram, Facebook is an ideal platform to offer more attractive content to the consumer and one of the best tools of both platforms is live video streaming.

Broadcasting live on Facebook has become an excellent method to get even closer to users within the digital medium, since it allows them to know the people behind the brand. In addition, it is an excellent space to answer questions and share extensive information on a massive scale.

In this guide you will find the basic instructions to transmit a live video on Facebook, from the computer or from the cell phone and the step by step is valid to transmit on your wall or in a group. Likewise, you can transmit live videos from pages, although it is recommended that this process be done from a computer.

From the computer

The steps to broadcast a live video are much easier using the app. However, if you want to transmit with your laptop’s camera, you can too. In the case of streaming from a computer, make sure you have the camera connected and follow these steps:

  1. In the news section, you will need to create a post. Hover over the box to write or press the plus button, indicated by three dots, to see the publishing options.
  2. Click on the option ” Live Video “.
  3. If it is the first time that you try to do a live, you must grant permissions and configure the option to transmit the video, press ” Use camera “.
  4. Once this is done, you just have to press “ Stream Now ” to start streaming the live video immediately.

In the last image, it is shown that another alternative would be to give the option ” Schedule a live video “. This alternative is not to record, but to schedule a broadcast and make an invitation to people who want to see it live on the announced date.

From the app

The Facebook application has a more comfortable and easy way to perform various actions, including recording a live. Enter the app and follow the simple steps indicated below:

  1. In the news section, there is a space to create a publication. All you have to do is press the ” Live ” button.
  2. You will automatically enter an area where you can select skins to use while recording. You can choose any by clicking on it or choosing the Surprise Mask, even transmit without selecting any.
  3. To start the transmission press ” Start live video “.

Facebook Lite

This is an alternative for those who require an application that does not take up so much space on their mobile device. However, this tool does not allow live video streaming, so users using Lite will need to get the official Facebook app if they want to stream.

This happens since Facebook Lite has among its main features the benefit of saving browsing data and adding the live transmission is a contradiction. Also, it is considered unnecessary as the official Facebook app already has this feature built in.

From a Facebook page

To broadcast live from a Facebook page, you need to have administrator or editor permissions. The process can be a bit easier from the app than from the computer.

In the application, the user can find the ” Live ” button on the home page. While on your computer, you must access the publishing tools. To do this, enter the page and follow the steps described below:

  1. Click on the ” Publishing tools ” button , located at the top of the screen in the classic version and on the left in the new version.
  2. Now locate the Videos section and click on the ” Video Library ” option .
  3. Press the ” Live ” button.
  4. If it is the first time that you enter t
    is option, you will have to configure the transmission. Select ” Use Camera.”
  5. Then, you can press ” Stream Now ” to start streaming immediately.

It is recommended to use the classic version of Facebook to broadcast live from your computer, as the new version may present some problems as it is still a developing area. However, it is much easier to transmit with your mobile, using the official Facebook application.

In a group

The process to transmit live videos from a Facebook group is very similar to that of other spaces. Enter the group where you want to broadcast live and follow the guide described below:

  1. You will be able to find the button ” Live Video ” where the publications are created. In some cases, it is necessary to press the ” More ” button first .
  2. If this is not the first time the option has been configured, you can directly press “ Transmit now ”.

If this is your first time doing a live broadcast, the only difference will be accepting the permissions so that the camera can be used. On the other hand, if you want to make a live broadcast from the mobile application, it will be much faster and easier, because you just have to press the button that indicates ” Live ” and start recording.

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