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How to Bold, Underline, and Italicize on Facebook

Despite the great advances that Facebook has made over the years, they have not yet implemented their own tool that allows them to bold, italicize or underline within the platform. To do this, you must resort to certain alternatives such as the use of symbols between the words to be highlighted or make use of a third-party application to choose the font style you want.

In this post, you will see a guide on how to write with bold, underlined and even italics on Facebook. In addition, you will know in detail each of the procedures, both on the computer and from the mobile. Added to that, you will see the differences and similarities to change the font style to the writing in chats, publications, notes, etc. If you want to know more about each of the alternatives you have, continue reading this article.

On the computer or in the app

The procedure to place the text in bold, italics or underlined in Facebook, either with the application or simply through the browser, is the same. This is because the social network does not have any built-in functionality to make text bold, with a couple of minor exceptions.

In Messenger you can place bold letters using the mobile app, simply place the text between asterisks. The downside is that it can only be viewed by those who are connected to a computer. There are also the Facebook notes, where you can change the font very easily, only through the computer. In the following sections, the process to put bold in each of these cases will be explained in greater detail.

In posts, profiles, comments or responses

A trick should be used to add bold in the description of your biography, the publications on your wall, in a page or group, as well as the comments and answers. These spaces will require the use of a converter to personalize the text.

You will first need to access a text converter. One of the simplest and most popular options among users is using a program that you can use by following thislink. After logging in, follow these steps:

  1. You will only have to write the text that you want to place in bold or italics since everything written will be converted with the tool.
  2. Check the box with the font you want to use. In this example, bold will be used, but you can use any other option.
  3. Once the text is converted, you will see three options at the top. There select the bold.
  4. To finish, select and copy the text with the chosen font or click ” Copy “. Done this, go to Facebook and paste the text by clicking on the space where you want to place and press Ctrl + V.

These steps are valid for: posts, comments, responses, bio description, and more. They are also compatible with chat spaces or with notes, recommended if you do it from your cell phone. However, the latter can be worked in a much easier way, if it is done from the computer.

In Messenger

Creating bold, italics, and underlines in Facebook chat is pretty straightforward. For this we must take into account a series of command to use. These must be written between the words that you want to modify, for example:

  • *Bold font*
  • _Italics_
  • ~ Underlined ~

Open a chat where you want to put text and follow these steps:

  1. Write the message you want, you can put it in bold, italic or underlined, with its respective command. In this case, the bold type will be used as an example, superimposing an asterisk (*) on the text.
  2. When sending the message, the text between asterisks will be in bold.

All that is needed is to place the text between asterisks, so you can do it both on your cell phone and on your computer. However, only bold, underlined or italics can be displayed on the desktop version.

In the notes

The notes Facebook is a space to write publications much longer, as is done in personal blogs. This area allows you to change the text to bold and italic very easily. To start, enter Facebook notes from your computer using thislink and follow the steps below:

  1. Press the button that says ” Write a note.”
  2. You can add the title you prefer, but you can only customize the rest of the text. To do this, shade the word you want to bold.
  3. Options will appear to change the shaded text, press the option represented by ” B ” to use bold or ” I ” to use italics. In this example, the first option will be chosen.
  4. Once this is done, the selected text will be made bold.

Thanks to these simple methods, you will be able to use bold, italics and underlines on Facebook. It is worth mentioning that the application explained in the post is functional for any type of interaction you want to have on the social network using this type of source. So if you can’t do it with some method or it is very difficult for you, you can try that alternative.

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