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How To Block Or Hide A Facebook Story From Someone – Full Tutorial

If you want to block or hide a Facebook story from someone, you can do it quickly and easily. Facebook offers you a suitable option to share stories and hide them. Also, you can hide photos, posts and information with the option to make your Facebook profile private.

Today, social networks such as Facebook have thousands of functions to offer protection and privacy to the personal lives of their millions of users. The configuration is one of those functions which stands out for being a tool that helps you prevent certain people from seeing the stories you upload.

Facebook and even Facebook Lite have differences , but both are very sophisticated applications and are becoming more famous every day. Millions of users prefer these applications over all social networks. Its creator Mark Zuckerberg has optimized and applied thousands of functions to make his application one of the best.

It is evident that it is really flattering to keep our privacy selected only for those people who transmit trust in their entirety. This is because today’s society has bad intentions, therefore we must take care of our personal life.


Can I prevent a person from seeing my Facebook stories?


Steps to hide history from someone specific

We want to teach you through simple steps that you can hide Facebook stories. If you apply this function on your Facebook, you can be fully confident that your content will be seen by those close to you.

Now, the first step you must take is to click on the Application Menu that is in the upper right. Then you just have to go to ‘Settings’, you will find it without complication at the bottom of the menu.

Click on ‘Settings’ and it will take you to another option named ‘Privacy’ where you must click. At the moment of applying the cursor on ‘Privacy’ several options appear. Once you are in those options, select where it says ‘Who can see your stories?’. 

Then when you find ‘Who can see your stories?’ you are going to choose the option ‘Hide story from’. Then you will be able to view your entire list of friends on Facebook and you will have the option to select those people you want them to not see your stories, after you have already selected you must save.

On the other hand, you can also hide your stories from Messenger just as easy. You just have to go to Messenger and click it as if you were uploading a story normally. You can take a photo for the moment or upload a story from your mobile device. Once you’ve hidden the Messenger stories, you can focus on putting your favorite music in them.

Before you upload your story you must go to ‘Privacy’ which is located at the bottom. After that you will see on the screen the option of ‘Who can see your story?’ and you can select if you want anyone to see it, only your friends, customize it only for certain people, and hide those people you don’t want to see your story.


How to change privacy settings

There are circumstances where you want to maintain complete privacy of your entire Facebook profile. In the same way that stories can be hidden, photos, publications and others can be hidden in the settings section already mentioned above. All of this is convenient so that the content you share is not easily seen by strangers .

You can keep your entire Facebook profile private. If you want only a group of people to see your photos, what you share, what some people publish in your biography, among other things, you are on the right website to learn how to do it.

Next, you go to the Facebook menu and click on ‘Settings’. You will go to the option that says ‘Privacy’ and click. A wide variety of options will immediately appear that you can change to make your Facebook more secure. To change who you want to show your content to, click on ‘Edit’  and take into account the following settings:

H3 Public

If you do not have a problem that people who are not on your friends list see your activity then leave it as ‘Public’

H3 Just friends

On the other hand, if you only want your friends to see it, select ‘Only friends’

H3 Custom

If you want to hide some specific people, select the option ‘Friends except …’.


block hide facebook story


full tutorial to block someone's facebook story


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