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How to block and unblock to person or page on facebook? Step by step guide

Facebook is the king of social networks, a platform that we have made an indispensable body in our communication. Although we cannot deny the wonders of this one, we cannot say that it is perfect either. In it we can take with users or pages that share content that we do not like, hindering the experience of using it comfortably.

Fortunately, FB has a function that allows you to block users and pages that are not to your liking even if you have accepted their friend request or decided to follow them in the past. So you have all the power at your disposal to make your profile a better place.

In this article we will teach you how to block a user or page on Facebook step by step, so that you learn how to use this function that will allow you to keep all those who do not do you good at bay. You will learn all the possible methods and even how to do it without the other person knowing.

Steps to block a contact on my Facebook profile

  • Does a stranger send you strange messages?
  • Does anyone see your photos?
  • Did they create a fake profile about you?

Enough of all this and no, you do not have to close your profile forever, it only blocks strangers who may be stealing or collecting your information to misuse it. Doing so is very easy, below we explain the steps for each device you use.

From the web version

While on the pc, if someone is bothering you and you don’t want them to have access to your profile, you can easily block them, just do the following.

  • Use the FB search engine and enter the person’s profile, once inside go to the right where, near their name, it tells you that they are friends, among several icons you will find a button with 3 points, click it and go to the last option From the panel that will be displayed, choose “Lock “.

  • Confirm the block,  you will get a message explaining what will happen when you block the person, if you are sure, press confirm and that’s it.

From the application for Android and iOS

Being from your mobile will not prevent you from getting rid of an annoying person, if you use the app for portable devices with Android or iOS operating system the process will be almost as simple as in the web version.

  • Open the app as usual and go to the profile of the person you want to block, once there, three options will appear under their name, touch the last “More “.

  • Then you will get several options, choose “Block”, this is usually the second.

  • Confirm the process, read what will come out to know if you are sure of what you are doing and if so, touch “Block “.

Without knowing

If what you want is for a person to stop bothering you and not find out about anything, simply ignore them or stop following them.

To ignore someone on Facebook, go to the messages (from the app or the website) tap the settings near the name and choose Ignore Messages. When you do this you will not receive notifications of the messages that you write and you will not see them in the inbox, the person will not know what you did.

If you want to stop following someone, go to their profile or biography and close to their name it will say “Following “, touch there and choose to unfollow, so you will not see anything they post or what they do in the news section.

Block a Facebook page

Some people create fanpages or sites on Facebook with no commercial purpose, for the simple reason of being annoying . In many cases it is seen that when a couple ends a relationship and one of them blocks the other, he creates a page and sends him messages or annoys her at all times.

If this is your case or for any other reason you want to stop allowing a specific page to see your information, you can do the following:

  • Search the page by its name and enter, there will be its profile, below the cover image you will find if you have liked it, if you follow it, if you want to share it and finally a button with ellipsis, choose that one and It will display a menu with various options, go to the one that says “Block “.

  • Read the message that will come out you will be able to see what will happen when you confirm the block, once you are sure, press “Confirm ” and that’s it.

How to unblock a person on your Facebook account?

The good thing about being able to block on Facebook is that you can go back and undo the action whenever you want, something that many do not know. If you just want to play or annoy your friend, you can block it for a while and then easily unblock it from your computer or cell phone. We show you how:

From the web

When it comes to unblocking someone through the web interface of the social network, you don’t even have to go to their profile. Just do the following and you are good to go.

  • Enter and connect to Facebook  as you normally do, in the upper right corner where you see notifications and your profile, look for the last icon and click it, among the menu options choose “ Settings” .

  • Within the settings, look for the “Locks ” section on the left side. When loading you will see various options among which are “Block users “, there you can add this action to any of your contacts just by entering their name, in the same way below is a list of those who are blocked, next to their name you will find the word Unblock, if you want to do it, click .

  • To prevent another person from doing this, the portal will ask you to confirm the action with a message in which you will see the results of what you will do, finally, if you are sure, select “Confirm “.

From the Android or iPhone app

If you are used to doing everything with your hands from your mobile device, when undoing an action like this on Facebook, it doesn’t have to be any different. The application interface allows you to do it easily from anywhere you are, regardless of whether it is an Android, Windows or iPhone device .

Here’s how to do it:

  • First, open the app as usual, enter and navigate as you usually do, but this time go to the section marked with 3 lines, if you do not know this symbol is to expand and open the options, either access your groups, your pages or configuration. It is located just below the Messenger icon , in the upper right corner.

  • The options that will come out are many, but ignore them and go to the end by sliding your finger across the screen until you reach the “Settings” one.

  • In the settings go to the privacy section to have access to the security details, blocking, unlocking and the people who see your content. Touch the fourth option, it should have the name “Locks” .

  • As in the web version you will have a detailed list with the names of the people you have blocked and you will also find a message remembering what happens when you choose to block someone. To unlock, just look for the username and press unlock .

  • For security, every time you try this, a message is sent to you to know if you are sure, if it is yes, you can touch “Unlock ” and that’s it.

As a precaution and to avoid heavy games on the networks, if you unblock someone you will not be able to block them again for the next 2 days, in the same way if you do these two actions immediately to a person you will have consequences on the network and perhaps they will block you without allowing you to add friends for a while.

Is it the same to block a contact as to stop being friends on Facebook?

Many mistakenly believe that removing someone from your friends list or blocking them on Facebook brings the same results, but the differences are many. Surely you have ever wondered how these two things are different, it is time for you to know

When you delete a person, they will not receive any type of notification about your account and will only be able to see your profile in a superficial way and your comments in publications of friends or pages they have in common , in the same way this person can try to send you a request for friendship again or a message if you are allowed to do so by the public.

Blocking someone goes a little further, because the person will not be able to see anything you do, not even what you have allowed to all audiences, as well as they will not be able to contact you again by any means, be it messages, labels in images, comments and others, unless you unlock it.

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