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How to be famous on tiktok and earn money on the social network that is revolutionizing the internet? Step by step guide

TikTok is one of the platforms with the highest growth in recent years. This is due to several factors, the most prominent being the diversity of users and the ease it offers content creators to earn money on TikTok.

For this reason, it is important that you know the benefits that you will obtain if you become a famous tiktoker and the tips to earn money by monetizing your profile. You will find this information below.

We will also show you a list of the best viral content ideas that you can create on TikTok to earn money much faster. Don’t miss out on anything.

What are the benefits of being famous on TikTok by making 1 minute videos?

There are different benefits that you can obtain by becoming famous as a tiktoker, so we will show you below which are the most recurrent and important: 

  • You will enjoy a certain popularity. This will help you to be searched by other users of the platform or to generate participations to test company products, with which you will earn money.
  • You can live on your passion. If you broadcast live, you can receive donations from your fans. You will also earn money by monetizing your account if you create a positive synergy with your followers when commenting, sharing and liking your videos.
  • You will have the possibility to sponsor products of the companies. This will also allow you to earn money and make a living from TikTok.
  • By becoming famous as a tiktoker you can enter the Fund of content creators created by This platform is a program that helps users earn money if they meet certain requirements.
  • The products or services of your personal brand will have recognition and credibility. This is a benefit that you should not waste because you can not only earn money within the platform, but also outside of TikTok.
  • It will be easier to create a marketing strategy in Tiktok for a social development You should not forget that by being recognized in TikTok you will be able to help your other social networks to become a true influencer. For this reason, you can use your popularity to earn money on the other platforms.
  • You will be more likely to show your area of ​​interest. For example, if you are a tiktoker who uploads art content, it will be easier for you to publicize your work and make others interested in artistic activity.
  • You will get more recognition from your colleagues. People who become popular on tiktoker and on any other social network become a real influence within a certain environment.

Ways to earn money on TikTok What are all the ways to monetize my profile?

If you want to get rich overnight and be a famous tiktoker, don’t miss out on the following tips that you should include in your one-minute videos:

Content Creators Fund

One of the safest ways to earn money on this social network is to enter the TikTok Creator Fund program . This tool belonging to the same platform consists of granting the benefit of monetization for each viewing of your videos.

For this, it is necessary to meet the following requirements: 

  • Be of legal age and have more than 10,000 followers on the creator’s account.
  • Have more than 10 thousand views of the content uploaded in the last month.
  • Get a TikTok PRO profile .

If you want to get a PRO account, you will have to follow this guide: 

  • Enter the option Me, located in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Then select the 3 dots in the upper right.
  • When the Settings and privacy menu is displayed, you will have to enter the ACCOUNT section .
  • After this you will have to click on the Manage account function .
  • Select Account Control and then tap Switch to Pro Account.
  • You will have to choose whether you are an Author (for content authors, public figures, artists and influencers) or a Company ( for brands, businesses, organizations and service providers).
  • Then click Next.
  • Choose the Continue option after reading the TikTok warning that author entries can be seen by everyone.
  • Select a category to better describe the account.
  • Then click Next.
  • Choose your gender and press Done.

Once the requirements requested by TikTok have been met, it is possible to request the Creator Fund by following this step by step: 

  • Access the Me option and then click on Settings and privacy, represented by three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
  • Login to ACCOUNT and choose the Pro Account tool .
  • Click TikTok Creator Fund.
  • Check all the requirements and click on Submit request.

After a few days, TikTok will notify you if you meet the established requirements, so you will start earning money from that moment. You must bear in mind that the views prior to approval will not be paid.


A good way to earn money on TikTok is to get a contract with one or more companies to promote their products. For this, it will be necessary for you to be a recognized influencer on the platform and the articles to be promoted are related to the theme of your profile. You must bear in mind that to make this kind of content it is important that it be as natural as possible to avoid an exaggerated performance and harm the final objective of the video.

Advertising to other content creators

You can not only partner with companies, but also other TikTok content creators . This leverages the project of both because you will promote a new profile. In this case, it is not important that the theme is the same as that of your account, so you have more freedom of action to create new videos in which you include the services or products.


Many tiktokers think why promote the brand of others and not do it directly with my own. Well, they are absolutely right, since the platform offers a wide variety of tools that help enhance the products or services of the content creators themselves. A good idea to carry out this project is to carry out live broadcasts showing the benefits you want from entrepreneurship. In addition, you can receive donations in your streams. Which will also help you earn money.

Drive traffic to other projects

Do not forget that a good social media marketing campaign is one that integrates and relates all social networks. For this reason it is important, to earn money faster, transfer the traffic between one platform and another. This means that you must mention the TikTok account on your Instagram profile (or any other RRSS), and vice versa, to expand your community.

In this way, you will become more recognized, since the different users interact with their own communities, thus generating a better effect on the algorithms of each social network. Keep in mind that, on TikTok, you earn money for comments, subscriptions and liking content. Therefore, the more people you are, the more likely you are to increase your earnings.

Live broadcasts

Live tiktokers can earn a lot of money considering the number of followers who are willing to donate just for appearing in the comments in a special way. To this can be added, the mentions you make of their names and any action you do exclusively for them.

Keep in mind that you should never ask for money or focus the content of the transmission to this objective. On the contrary, you have to generate empathy so that your community feels identified with you and values ​​your effort.

Learn step by step how to be famous on TikTok and make a living from making short videos on this social network

To become a famous tiktoker, you must take into account this step by step to make short videos with high effectiveness.

See below:

Create quality content

You cannot think of being a true and successful tiktoker if you upload boring content, with bad lighting, with confusing sounds and unclear topics. It is important that you maintain the originality in your videos, but it is also essential that they are of quality so that people are interested in you and begin to follow and recommend you.

Take advantage of the most viral trends

Viral challenges are a great help to make you known. Therefore, you cannot put them aside. It is important that you choose the most popular ones, but especially those that are related to your theme. Try to choose those challenges that are carried out by famous and influential people and that have the most reproductions. If you wish, you can analyze the trends of other social networks to include them on TikTok.

Create your own trends

In addition to performing the viral challenges of the social network, it is important that you create your own trends. This will help you to be known in less time because users will share your content with their respective communities. For this action to be successful it is necessary that you include originality, do not endanger the person who practices it and its resolution is relatively easy.

Make clever duets with tiktokers more famous than you

A good option you have is to use the TikTok Duo tool because with this function you can create your own content by taking viral videos of other users more famous than you. It is important that you use your ingenuity to choose those videos in which you can interact in a striking way. Do not forget that there are a number of streams on TikTok that are prepared for this function, you just have to choose the one that suits you best.

Differentiate yourself from other tiktokers

A key factor in achieving success on TikTok is differentiation from other users. This means that you are going to have to create content that is truly original and that you can stand out from the rest. To do this, you must keep in mind the theme of the videos, the ways to develop the story, the colors, the sound quality and the way to finish your streams. You can use TikTok filters , edit the videos with the platform’s own or external tools and include calls to action.

Run giveaways with your followers

If you want to increase your community and generate empathy among your followers, it is important that you take different actions so that users feel unique. A good idea to reach this goal is to run raffles on a regular basis. To do this, you have to consider different factors.

For example, the choice of the winner has to be as transparent as possible (you can use programs that are designed for these tasks) and you have to promote the giveaway, not only on TikTok but on other social networks. Do not forget that punctuality and communication of the winner are important aspects that users value highly. Finally, keep among the requirements to participate that they follow you (this will influence the TikTok algorithm).

Make collaborations with other tiktokers

Another aspect that you should keep in mind when putting together your strategy to be famous on TikTok is to collaborate with other tiktokers, whether or not they have more subscribers than you. This will benefit you to be known in different communities, which will increase the visibility of your profile. Make sure that the chosen user has a style similar to yours and deals with topics in which you feel comfortable. Try to talk about their videos or the activity they carry out outside of TikTok, in this way the followers of that tiktoker will feel identified with you.

List of the best viral content ideas you can create for your TikTok profile

So far we show you the ways to earn money and how you can be famous on TikTok through short videos, but we have not talked about what type of content you can create on your platform profile to make it go viral.

See below for a list of the best ideas to help you meet this goal:

Show your pet in the 1 minute videos

This is one of the categories that remain in constant growth on TikTok, due to the great demand that users have. For this reason, it will never cease to be a topic that you can deal with in your account on the platform. Seek to be as original as possible and choose your own pet doing mischief or any daily activity. If you don’t have one and you like animals, you can upload funny videos of these living beings.

Show off your gaming skills

Another type of content with popular growth is video games. You will have different options in these categories, the most recognized being that of sharing your screen when you are in a game or showing tricks to advance to a level. For you to be successful in this division it will be important that you choose between the most modern games or the oldest (for nostalgic users). This will give you great recognition within the gaming community.

Anime and drawings

A highly sought after theme in recent times on TikTok is that of anime culture. More and more people are interested in oriental tastes, so you can dabble in this practice taking into account choosing the best anime characters showing their main characteristics.

You can also choose the classic cartoons showing their evolution over time and data of interest to fans of these cartoons. It is important that you be constant when uploading material, it is advisable to publish content once or twice a day.

Cooking recipes never fail

Culinary tastes grow day by day on the social network, so a good idea that you can carry out to become famous on TikTok is to upload content with your own recipes or with topics related to food. You must bear in mind that for this sector you will have to choose whether you want to advance on a community of users with an inclination to the simple or on specific foods.

Each of these tiktokers have their particular tastes, so you should know some secrets to please their palates quickly. What you should keep in mind at all times is to maintain originality when cooking.

Humor videos

Comedy is a popular topic among TikTok users, so you can go through this category to become a famous tiktoker. Keep in mind that there is great competition in this area, so originality is necessary more than anywhere else.

There are a number of ideas to choose from, the most popular (and accepted by users) being famous comedians and videos of funny situations. Don’t be discouraged if you are unsuccessful at first, as the TikTok algorithm will start displaying your content in “For You” after a short period .

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks!

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