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How to appo in “for you” on tiktok to go viral on the platform and always be? Step by step guide

For you, it is the section of TikTok in which the videos that interest you most appear . This is done through the algorithm of the platform and that interacts according to your behavior on the social network.

Therefore, it is recommended that you know how this algorithm works to be able to show your videos in the section . You will find this analysis in the following paragraphs of the post.

In addition, you will learn how to make your videos appear in the For you section of other users. To do this, we will show you the most important tips that you should take into account . Let’s get started.

How does the TikTok algorithm work to show my videos on the social network?

The TikTok algorithm works by interrelating the following elements:

  • User reactions to the videos you watched. This part includes the content that is shared, the likes and the comments.
  • Types of videos uploaded by the person and shared by another social network.
  • Data that is entered into the video . In this section enter the titles, hashtags, language and geographical area of ​​residence of the user .
  • Number of times the person watches a video from beginning to end, thus knowing the theme, filters and other data.

For you on TikTok What kind of content can I find in this section?

In this section you will find all the videos recommended by TikTok . This is based on the algorithm that the platform has to detect the user’s tastes and topics of interest. This is a very important point for the social network, since it seeks to maintain a wide variety of content highlighted in the videos so that the For you section does not become homogeneous.

If for some reason you are not interested in a video and you do not want it to appear in this list, you will have to press and hold the content and then select the option I am not interested . You can also report those videos that do not comply with the characteristics or policies of TikTok.

Learn how to appear in recommended TikTok videos to go viral

For your videos to appear in the For you section of TikTok, you will have to take these concepts into account:

Upload videos continuously

The first thing you should do is upload content at least once or twice a day. This will allow the TikTok logarithm to detect you faster to recommend your videos. Also, you will have more chances that one of them becomes viral .

Create your own brand

Another factor that you must take into account for your videos to be viral on TikTok is to give your own style to the audiovisual content . This means that in all the videos you should use similar filters, the similar camera position, your voice and the words that appear in the video editing have to be identified with you.

Generate interactions with your followers

You must incorporate calls to action in the videos . This means that the person who is looking at your content should not only see it, but also have to do something, for example, follow you, like or share your video. This interaction generates empathy with your account, so users will interact much more often with these kinds of videos.

Segment TikTok users

One point that you have to keep in mind at all times is the segmentation of the people who have an account on the platform. In this way you will be able to know the tastes, needs and topics of interest that they have according to age, gender and any other point that serves to differentiate the niches.

Try to be as creative as possible

Although it has already been said that you must create your own brand, this is not the only thing you must take into account in your videos to go viral. Beyond the same style of editing the content, you will have to think of a way to make it as striking as possible . This will help you to be detected by several users and share your content much faster.

Always study trends

Trends are the topics of interest that are discussed at a certain time . Therefore, you must incorporate them into your videos in order for them to appear in search results. You must bear in mind that not all trends will be compatible with your profile, so you should put it aside or adapt them to your style.

Use hashtags

You should not only use tags but also mention friends in the description of the video. This will help you boost the positioning of your content . You should not forget that it is advisable to use all the tools that TikTok offers you , for example, the cover of the video.

Tips for creating videos that generate more interactions on TikTok

To create videos that generate more interaction on TikTok, you should keep the following in mind: 

  • Create content divided into two parts . This will force people to click the button to continue viewing your content.
  • Use themes that allow you to generate expectations in the user so that, at that moment, you make a call to action and they follow or like you. After that, you just have to finish the video.
  • Use tricks that are linked with embedded graphics in the edit. This will get people’s attention and they’ll be happy to comment or share the content.
  • Giveaways are a good idea to increase engagement on TikTok. For this reason, it is convenient that you carry out this task, but always related to your theme and your profile.
  • Interact directly with users . This means that in the videos you ask them to ask you what type of content they want you to upload.

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