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How to adjust the size and resolution of an image in Instagram – Step by step

Social networks are ideal platforms for promoting entrepreneurs and people with diverse and extraordinary talents. Therefore, knowing and using the tools they offer is very important. For this reason, today you can learn how to adjust the size and resolution of an image in Instagram.

It is one of the most important implementations that Instagram has made in recent years. Something that, without a doubt, has set a trend and that should be very well used. So how about a little refresher?

The power of the image on Instagram

Each social network has qualities that, although similar, there is always one that makes a difference. The quality that differentiates Instagram from the rest is how powerful it can be for business.

Influencers, businesses, artists, entrepreneurs. In this, as in any other social network, there is everything. But when it comes to promotional tools, no platform resembles Instagram.

instagram social network

And what better way to attract attention on this social network than through images? Photographs, mostly. It is the most effective way to have more visits on your Instagram .

Proportions on Instagram

Instagram represent a simple and effective way to publicize what is happening instantly. But that is not all! The reach of your posts can be greater if you know how to share Instagram on Facebook .

However, some inconveniences can arise when publishing in the stories. Instagram has been recognized, among many things, for being strict about the proportion of its images.

In this sense, there are two options for you. The first: take a photo directly from the application. The second: upload a photo from your gallery to Instagram. The problem occurs when the platform cuts your photo.

What is this about? Instagram uses the 9:16 format for posts in stories. Therefore, any photograph that is not in this format could lose quality.

What to do about it?

Does this mean that your photo and the content you were about to upload has been ruined? No way! There are many ways to make the photograph conform to the format required by Instagram and not lose quality. The alternative is extremely simple and you have it incredibly close.

This is your gallery editor! Many people are used to downloading photo editors for these types of tasks. The reality is that mobile device manufacturers have built modest but effective editors into their computers. It is for this reason that it is possible to adjust the size and resolution of an image.

  1. Enter the image gallery of your cell phone.
  2. Select the photo you want to publish.
  3. Click on the “Edit” icon (in some devices it is represented by a pencil).
  4. Use the “Crop” tool.
  5. You will be shown several formats of settings, among which the 9:16 format appears.
  6. Clever!

The choice of an app

If, on the other hand, you require a much more complete alternative, then it is advisable to download an application. To adjust the size and resolution of an image, few applications are as good as “No crop for Instagram Story”.

no crop instagram app

This app is simply great for previewing my Instagram profile or stories before posting . You just have to select the desired photo and add the background. The aspect ratio and resolution adjustments are made automatically by the application.

Make your Instagram profile stand out from the rest!

Adjusting the size and resolution of an image, as you could see, is extremely simple. However, simplicity does not detract from the issue. The photos you use to archive, save, and highlight stories on Instagram are what earn you a following.

Get the most out of these tricks! Only then will you have the ability to upload quality content with high resolution photos.

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