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How to add reacts to videos on tiktok to make them more entertaining for my users? Step by step guide

Right now, TikTok is one of the most popular social networks in the world . Which is why, it managed to surpass platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, in terms of the number of downloads. This, thanks to its short video format that has been so innovative for different audiences and therefore has managed to monopolize more than 800 million users .

For its part, just as it opted for a different format that puts fun and entertainment first for tiktokers, this Chinese social media app has introduced different options and functionalities that make it very interesting . One of them refers to the possibility of reacting to other videos and not only through likes or comments, but with another clip .

In that sense, it consists of a utility that emerged when TikTok was merged with the renowned social network, during 2018. To learn more about what it is about and what it is for, as well as how to make a video with these features and the best recommendations to get the most out of this function ; We invite you to read this post.

What are TikTok reaction videos and what are these types of content for?

Basically, a reaction video is defined as a clip that is created with the aim of responding to or commenting on other videos that have been viral on the Chinese social network . Therefore, in a nutshell, reaction videos are all those that have an original video linked to another that presents the reaction by any TikTok user and thus, two video clips are shown in one at the same time .

In this way, reaction videos are characterized by posting the main video in a small box, while the reaction will be seen on the big screen in a PiP mode . Under these particularities, many reaction videos turn out much better than the original video, be it of popular challenges, funny dances or practical jokes. Whereas, the format of a reaction video is based on recording an imitation or simply giving an opinion on said clip .

Now, many people who enter TikTok, tend to confuse the “duets” or duets of the platform with the so-called reaction videos . However, it is necessary to know that both present a difference that is worth taking into account.

Which, is that the following:

  • The TikTok duos present the main video and the other video in two equal parts when segmenting the screen . On the other hand, in reaction videos, the response is displayed on a large screen and the original video appears small .
  • Indeed, its visibility is the most relevant distinction . Since, while duets work as a collaborative video and one clip is not given more importance than another; In TikTok reactions, the response video is given more prominence (due to its larger size).

Learn step by step how to create reactions to other TikTok videos from scratch

If you want to capture the attention of your target audience and provide optimal entertainment, it is advisable to make use of the functionality based on reaction videos . Since, it is a proposal that is interesting, especially, for all those Internet users who are familiar with reaction videos on YouTube, where people record themselves giving their opinions or expressing their emotions about another video clip .

Therefore, in this section of the post, we will teach you how to use TikTok reactions, in order to create response and / or parody videos on clips from scratch.

Here, we show you each step to follow:

Find the video where you want to add a reaction

First, you have to find and select the video that interests you to create your own content based on it. This, you have to do it directly from your TikTok account , either through the feed, through the “Trends” section or from the profile of the specific tiktoker that contains the video you want to use.

Choose the option “React”

Once you have specified the clip in question, you must open it to view it and locate yourself on the right side of the screen to see the available options. Among these options, you must click on the arrow that is there and that, mainly, is used to share the video in other apps .

Added to this, by means of that arrow, you will be able to see a series of actions available at the bottom that are : Report, I am not interested, Save video, Use this effect, Duet, Paste, React, Add to favorites, Animated photo and Share as GIF. Therefore, in this case, you must click on “React” and with it, the video in question will be displayed on a part of the screen.

Record your video reacting to the other clip

After the video to be used is displayed in one part of the panel, at the same time, the front camera will open that will allow you to create your new reaction video on TikTok . To record it, you need to keep the red button pressed and when you want it to end, it will only be enough to stop pressing said button.

It should be noted that, when making your reaction video, it will be recorded in parallel to the playback of the main video . So, it helps you to guide you and say or do whatever you want. Either imitating him, giving his opinion or simply inventing something fun that you know your audience will like.

Prioritize the audio you prefer

Since both videos are played at the same time, your audios will be heard fused simultaneously . This means that, at the same time, you will be able to hear what the original video says and also what you recorded in your reaction video. However, to obtain a good result, the social network allows you to choose which audio you prefer to prioritize so that they are not heard together and even distorted. Taking into account that, in the same way, you can leave them as they are so that they remain fused .

In addition to this, in terms of audio, the social network allows you to improve your reaction videos by managing or controlling the volume, as you wish. To do this, you simply have to tap on “Volume” and there, decide if you want to lower or raise the volume of your audio or that of the main audio, by means of a slider . Considering that, from this control, they allow you to adjust the volume from 0% to 200% in both audios .

Edit and personalize the video in its entirety

Next, it is possible to apply filters to the image of the videos, effects of time, speed, flash, beautify and modify everything you want, through the settings provided by TikTok through its video editor. That means, at this point, you can start editing, modifying, optimizing and personalizing your reaction video, just like you do with regular social media videos.

Even before publishing your new video, the platform also offers you the possibility to edit the reaction box . Thanks to this, you will not have to settle for this box showing where TikTok places it by default, that is, in the upper left corner. Therefore, if you wish, you can modify its location by simply moving the box so that it is displayed exactly in the area you want.

Learn the best tips to get the most out of this TikTok functionality

Despite the fact that TikTok reaction videos have been classified as a useful tool of the social network, few people enjoy it as it really should . However, it is ideal to bear in mind that this feature to react and express yourself on the platform is an excellent option to grow your TikTok account based on reactions that are much more attractive than traditional ones (likes, emojis, comments, etc. .).

As a consequence, it is relevant to make the most of this function of the social media app and that is why, below, we detail several recommendations, tips and tips that you can implement to be a benchmark tiktoker regarding reaction videos :

React to celebrity videos

If you want to increase your number of followers, an effective technique is based on reacting to celebrity videos using this TikTok tool . In that case, the best thing is that you specify one of your favorite tiktokers and evaluate its number of followers .

In addition, it is ideal that you choose to create a reaction video based on an original video that has a certain virality on the social network . Taking into account that, the more viral it is and the more it has spread in the application, you will have a greater scope to acquire new followers and ensure a better online presence on TikTok .

Add hashtags to your post

In order for your reaction clip on TikTok to reach a greater reach and be easier to discover by other people who are not on your list of followers, it is helpful to use the power of hashtags .

In other words, it is advisable to add a few hashtags based on the content to be presented, within the description of the video to be shared . Through this tactic, it is possible that the different people who are browsing these tags, get your video and are interested in visiting your TikTok profile . Taking into account that, it is an optimal initiative to reach your target audience organically . Above all, if you use between 5 and 7 elements of this type, in order not to overdo it to avoid being penalized.

Now, in order to add a hashtag to your post, the process to follow is very simple. Well, you just have to access the Publish screen of your video and touch the “Hashtags” option within the description, in order to include the ones you want. There, several suggestions will appear and it is valuable that you use the ones that have the most visualizations in total .

Make reaction videos constantly

While it is true, the TikTok algorithm takes into account numerous factors to optimize the user experience of each tiktoker and, at the same time, to bring relevance to users who really deserve it . In this case, it’s worth noting that reaction videos are an incentive to achieve the latter .

Basically, this is because TikTok tries to prioritize and promote these types of interactions that have the video as the main protagonist, beyond taking into account the responses that the clip obtained in text format . Therefore, the more quality reaction videos you upload on your profile, the greater opportunities there will be for the app’s algorithm to take you into account and qualify you as a benchmark . Even so, you can even expose yourself in the coveted “Trends” section .

Provides its own stamp

Unfortunately, it is not enough to constantly make reaction videos on TikTok or add hashtag in the post to gain visibility on the social network through this format . Which means that it is essential to create content that exhibits its own stamp within the platform, in order to distinguish yourself from the rest.

Therefore, when creating your reaction videos, in addition to choosing a base video that is viral, it is also important that you record a clip that is different from what everyone intends to do with this tool . In such a case, for example, you can choose to give it a second meaning to the original video, create a parody, do a dance in reverse, etc .

If you implement this recommendation, it will be much easier to get the attention of new people on TikTok. Since, when they observe that you have a different proposal than what they usually see on the social network, they will surely be interested in visiting your profile and thus, they will enhance your presence within the platform .

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