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How to activate the new Facebook layout

The success of a social network is based on making constant changes and adapting to the wishes of users. Facebook knows that very well, which for years has remained one of the most used social networks. And all thanks to the fact that it evolves through what its audience is doing.

Your updates are usually directed at your design. Facebook recently renewed its style, showing users a more minimalist and effective social network. If you are interested in accessing this new version then continue reading. Because below we will teach you in a practical way how to activate it.

Activate the redesign from the PC

Facebook began to implement the new version on its website with few people. Various users from all over the world were able to enjoy this renewal through an invitation shown in the notification bar. However, it tended to disappear if the site was cooled. So many of you could not use the improved style.

That said, Facebook decided to place an option to manually activate the new design of its page. And that way, everyone will be able to use the new social network service. If you do not know how to activate this improved version you should not worry. Since we will detail step by step how to obtain it:

The first thing you should do is enter your Facebook profile. For that, you only have to enter your username, which can be made up of your email or telephone number and password, and once in your Facebook account an option will appear in the header of the site that says ” We invite you to know the new design from “and gives you the option to” Test “, if this option does not appear, stay calm, we will show you how to achieve it step by steps:

  1. You will have to look for the page menu, you will have to select it. Which is located in the upper right part of the screen and is represented with an inverse triangle.
  2. Various options will appear, you must search among all of them, until you find one with the name ” Try the new version of Facebook “. To make it easier for you, you should know that it is near “configuration”.
  3. After marking this option with a click, in a few seconds you will notice how the Facebook interface changes, a box will pop up showing you the new features, click on “Next”.
  4. It will go to the next box where you can choose an aspect, after choosing it click on “Start”.

Something interesting about this version is that you can use it and alternate it with the old and current style while you get used to it. Since Facebook plans to implement the new design in a fixed way at the end of this year.

Activate the new design from the cell phone (Android and iOS)

One of the applications that we use the most daily on our cell phone is undoubtedly Facebook. That is why it is not surprising that the company includes the new design in the App of the social network. Many users have been able to access this improved version just by updating the application.

However, some accounts with the updated application cannot automatically access the new version of Facebook. So they have to activate it manually. If that is your case, keep reading because we will tell you how to do it easily:

  1. Enter the Facebook application.
  2. Look for the social network menu, which is illustrated by three horizontally placed lines.
  3. Go through all the menu options until you find one that says “Try the new version of Facebook.”
  4. Select that option and you’re done. That way you will have the opportunity to enjoy the new Facebook design. And the best thing is that you can activate and deactivate it until the updated version becomes the original.

Some users have reported that this update is not yet available on their mobile phones. That’s because Facebook is gradually installing this version. So it won’t be long before you can enjoy it.

Characteristics of the new design and differences with the previous one

When entering the renewed version of Facebook for the first time, we will notice the new features it presents. Among those, a cleaner design stands out and without so many internal funds. Likewise, we will observe that the borders and icons of the social network will be presented with a more rounded style.

Similarly, the elements presented in the interface will look a bit larger and some will change color. On the other hand, the design stands out much more than the previous one, since it sports a variation in lighter tones. Although it can also be changed by the “dark mode”, which is one of the new options in this version.

As if that were not enough, another of the characteristics of this new Facebook design is that it has certain similarities with the application. As is the case that we will find various icons at the top that will improve user navigation. So it will be much easier and faster to access the news from the social network.

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