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How to activate or put the ‘beauty mode’ to use in TikTok filters

How to put the ‘beauty mode’ on TikTok?

Technological tools undoubtedly facilitate our day to day, in addition to allowing us to spend fun times with our family or friends. For example, the social networks so used today are a great option to keep us connected with the world and the latest trends.

The creating an account at TikTok is very simple and opens the door to a world of possibilities. Speaking of its great filters, we can say that it offers a great variety to choose from. One of the most chosen is the excellent beauty filter, which allows us to see ourselves as fresh from the beauty salon in a matter of seconds. But how can we use this effect?

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Well, the truth is that it is really simple, since it is by default among the filters of the TikTok camera. You just have to go to the “Effects” section and select the “Beauty” section. You can also use the other filters found in “Portrait”, since these are designed to improve our appearance in videos.

There is no doubt that TikTok effects are a great help when it comes to making really interesting videos. Now, in addition to the beauty effect, there are other ways we can improve our appearance when recording on TikTok. Here’s how to take advantage of the beautifying effects.

How to use beautifying effects on TikTok?

In addition to the beauty effect already included in the TikTok filters, this app will add beautifying functions to your options as you gain experience. These are of great help, since they allow you to adjust your appearance and the number of improvements you want to make to it in your own way.

They may sound somewhat complicated, but the truth is that they are very easy to use. Plus, they’re a great way to get more followers on TikTok . To use them you just have to press the icon under the name “Beautifier ” found on the side of the TikTok camera, between the “Filters” and “Weather” icons.

From this section you can soften, refine the face, improve the contrast, the base and the nose, do a brow lift and even thicken the lips to taste.

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Of course, it is always good to measure yourself a little when using these effects, since an exaggerated use of them can make us see something plastic or unnatural. It is advisable to use them only 30%, although if you want them to really be noticed you just have to increase their parameters.

What to do if I can’t find the beautifying effects on TikTok?

If, although you have searched for them, you still cannot use TikTok’s filters and beautifying effects, there are several reasons why this may be happening.

For starters, the app or smartphone may not be up to date, so it would not be unusual for the latest features to be available. In that case, you would only have to update the app or the software of your phone to enjoy all that it offers.

You may also not make much use of the TikTok app or are new to it, so it may not offer all the functions that it does provide to an active user. We hope that by downloading the TikTok application you will enjoy it to the fullest and also that you can use the “beauty mode” and all its wonderful filters without any problem.

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